Best Of 2016: The Year's Most Popular Yoga Workouts

Eight at-home yoga workouts that'll make you break a sweat.

There are so many reasons to love yoga. After all, practicing yoga has been linked to reducing stress, boosting flexibility, and even helping with back pain. It doesn’t hurt that a yoga body is lean, sculpted, and svelte.
And, this year we went hard on the yoga—from Y7 in New York and LA to Luxe Yoga Sydney. But, sometimes it’s tricky to pencil a class into a packed schedule. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favourite yoga workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Now, all you need to do is roll out your mat.

8 Of Our Favourite Yoga Workouts of 2016

9 Yoga Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain

lower pack pain, yoga workouts, yoga
I’m sure everyone has experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. But this unfortunate (read: annoying) ache is almost totally preventable. Try this nine stretches daily to release your lower back and find relief.

15 Debloating Yoga Poses

debloating yoga poses, yoga workouts, bloating
We bookmarked this story long ago, and these moves from Claire Greive have been on heavy rotation since the holidays kicked into high gear. You don’t need to be an expert to twist, bend, and roll your way to a flat belly—just follow these five simple yoga flows to beat bloating, naturally.

7 Yoga Moves to Improve Flexibility

Flexibility, yoga poses, yoga workouts
One day, we’ll be as willowy and limber as Instagram star @theSouthernYogi. But until then, we’ll dutifully practice these asanas to create hamstring and inner thigh flexibility. Full splits? We’ll see you in 2017.

5 Yoga Poses To Cure Insomnia

Down Dog, yoga workouts, insomnia, sleep
If you’ve pulled out all the stops trying to get your circadian rhythms back on track but still find yourself counting sheep on the reg, it may be time to take a different route. Studies suggest that regular (and quality) ZZZs are necessary for far more than just energy levels, affecting everything from your immune system to eating habits.
So before you jump under the covers for some shut-eye tonight, grab your yoga mat and try these five poses. They’ll help combat insomnia and relieve stress.

7 Yoga Poses That Double As Sex Positions

yoga workouts, sex positions, sex
And if our yoga for insomnia flow doesn’t work for you, grab your partner and get frisky with these seven poses that are incredibly versatile on and off the mat.

5 Of The Best Yoga Poses For Guys

yoga for guys, yoga poses, yoga workouts
Dudes have notoriously tense hips, shoulders, and hamstrings—and all that heavy lifting at the gym isn’t exactly helping. Encourage your man to limber up with these yoga poses; after all, he’ll need a bit more flexibility in his hips if he really wants to see gains in his squat.

6 Simple Yoga Poses For People Who Sit All Day

Leah Kim, yoga workouts
We’re obsessed with Nike Master Yoga Ambassador Leah Kim—she’s a straight-up yogi goddess now, but before she took her journey to yoga heaven she had an office desk job. So, she gets what it’s like to sit all day long. Her six simple poses? Pure bliss.

7 Easy Yoga Moves to Tone And Tighten Triceps

Kate Kendall, triceps, yoga workouts
We saved the best for last! Our go-to girl—and #armgoals leader—Kate Kendall demonstrates seven moves you can do with dumbells that take the burn up a notch and seriously tone your arms.

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