7 yoga poses that double as sex positions

Inject some fun and deep stretching into the bedroom.

Yoga has always had a sexual connotation for most men; maybe it’s the flexibility, maybe it’s the spiritual-freak-of-nature they think you secretly are in the bedroom (ok, most likely the flexibility). It appears that Down Dog has always been all but a little too suggestive for them, and quite frankly, we think so too.
Being well aware of the benefits yoga can bring to your mind and body, we thought it would be fun to use all the things you’ve learnt in the studio, and try them out in the bedroom.  Although yogis can argue their practice is their sacred “me” time, we have reason to believe you won’t mind not flying solo for this one… think acro yoga style (okay, maybe not acro yoga, no injuries please!)
From simple moves to more advanced, here are seven teacher-approved yoga poses to fire up those chakras, so to speak, and inject some fun and deep stretching into the bedroom.
Yogi or not, you can try these ones tonight (what better way to try out naked yoga for the first time?) Namaste.

7 yoga poses that double as sex positions

Cow Pose

Image credit: Pinterest | Stylecraze.com

This one is pretty straight forward. In a table top position on all fours, it is essentially doggy style with a slight tilt upwards. It’s great for flexibility, and also straightens your pelvic floor muscles, and we know how good those are …

Happy Baby Pose

yoga for sex happy baby pose
Image credit: iStock

Happy Baby can be interpreted as a more intimate take on missionary, giving you the freedom of wrapping your legs around your partner. Also known as “Happy Husband” pose, simply lay flat on your back and grab ahold of your feet, drawing your knees back towards you, this makes your hips level and also makes a great, ahem, hip opening pose.

Wide Legged Forward Bend

yoga poses for sex wide legged forward fold
Image credit: Pinterest

Begin with a wide stance and, hinging at the hips, fold forward with your hands reaching for your toes or your shins. If that’s too uncomfortable, then bring your hands to the bed or a chair. This pose allows for some fun play and experimentation on different leg distances. You can even try a simple forward forward fold with legs together.

Downward Dog

yoga for sex downward dog
Image credit: iStock.com

Consider this a level 2 Cow Pose. If you like a little standing action, then come into Downward Dog with your sitting bones high and tilted upwards. Creating a flat back with a slight bend in the knees if your heels aren’t touching the ground, it will allow for stimulation  of the vaginal wall. It also doubles as a core workout and your partners hands around your waist will also give you a sneaky extra stretch.

Three Legged Dog

yoga for sex three legged dog the fit traveller sophie palmer
Image credit: thefittraveller.com.au / Sophie Palmer

If you nailed the Downward Dog, so to speak, then Level 3, Three Legged Dog is a fun variation allowing more space to move around and experiment. Opening up your hips and squaring them to one side with the leg that’s in the air will stretch the side body and open the hips up even more.

Bridge Pose

yoga sex positions bridge pose
Image credit: iStock

Bridge pose is always a go-to when you’re working on your pelvic floor muscles, so why not use it during the deed? Lying on your back bring your heels closer to your sitting bones, then drive the hips up. You can even have your partner assist you by supporting your hips, allowing for a sneaky little back bend along the way, guaranteed to make you feel good.

Reclining Bound Angle

yoga for sex reclined butterfly
Image credit: Pinterest via Ikdanis

As the most relaxing of them all, this pose enables you to feel closer to your partner, keeping it simple and effective. Laying on your back, feet together knees wide, you can even place a pillow under your hips/sacrum area for additional support and to tilt your pelvis up. For extra comfort, surround yourself with pillows by placing one under each knee for an extra restorative pose. This is a very intimate alternative to missionary, and proves to be both pleasurable and relaxing for the both of you, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

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