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Here’s Why This Viral Skincare TikTok Trend Is Making a Winter Comeback

Slugging is back.

Have you ever heard of slugging? The beauty trend born out of Korea is supposed to help coat your face stop transdermal water loss, by coating your face with vaseline or petroleum. Between the dryness of winter and less regular exposure to fresh air in light of the pandemic, your skin will take a hit. We got a few winter skincare pointers from Isa Lazo Skincare, an incredible brand that was born out of a passion for skincare that’s been passed down through generations. Keep reading to learn more about how slugging can help refresh dull, dry, and irritated winter skin.

Here’s Why This Viral Skincare TikTok Trend Is Making a Winter Comeback

Slugging is something I like to incorporate into my routine if my skin is feeling extra dry, or if I’m having an eczema flare-up. It can be incredibly soothing and provide some intensely moisturizing relief. The idea is pretty simple: using an occlusive such as petrolatum to seal moisture in your skin. This is not a practice I use on a daily basis, although perhaps someone with extremely dry skin might get some relief from it. During the winter months, I will incorporate slugging into my routine about once a week. CeraVe makes a healing ointment that has the added benefit of ceramides that I have been using. You don’t need much product either, just enough to glide on top of your regular serum/moisturizer. Follow these simple steps below to bring your skin back to life overnight.

  • Cleanse and dampen your face as you normally would.
  • Apply hydration, like Isa Lazo’s Facial Oil to prep and hydrate your skin. You should keep the under layers gentle, and Isa Lazo’s Facial oil is the perfect base
  • Seal it in with a thin, occlusive layer of any petrolatum-based ointment.

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