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Image: Courtesy of Vitruvian

Here Are the Technology Trends You’ll Be Seeing In the Wellness Space In 2023

From connection to measuring your progress.

There has been no shortage of tech innovations in the health and wellness space over the past two years, and one founder has managed to tap into a lot of the trends that are on the rise. We spoke to Jon Gregory, the founder of Australian-based connected fitness start up Vitruvian about what’s to come in the next year. There are going to be some innovative tech trends that in the wellness space in 2023. Keep reading for more!
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Image: Courtesy of Vitruvian

Technology Trends You’ll Be Seeing in the Health and Wellness Space

1) Connection

After nearly two years of socially distancing and staying home, the big thing for 2023 will be connection, however with another variant of the virus running rampant world-wide, and the uncertainly of what the year will bring, having a suitable option that can be done from home is a safe bet. Connected fitness brands, such as Vitruvian, Peloton and others, are all about connecting members while they are sweating it out online. You can form teams, leaderboards, have a competition, chat. There are so many options to keep in touch with others who have similar fitness interests to you while also adding an element of gamification to your workouts.

2) Measuring your progress

One thing that has been trending both in fitness studios, with connected fitness technology and online is using technology to measure your progress. From step trackers, to using devices that track the weight and reps that you are doing to ensure you improve, there are so many options available now. Measuring your progress is very important to help you get the results you are hoping for. If you don’t know what you lifted, or how fast you went previously, how are you going to know if you are improving?

3) Games

Another trend that is happening in the connected fitness space is gaming. There are a few companies playing with games that you can workout too, so you can play a game while you are working out. Gaming is a great way to stay motivated to train, especially when you are working out from home. In time these games should also connect you with others which brings a whole new layer to the gaming world.

4) A variety of workouts

Finally, having access to a variety of workouts at your fingertips will be happening in the tech space this year. Especially for those working out at home, they may have performance related goals and workouts that they are following, but odds are they will want to mix things up a bit now and then for variety. In 2023, while many brands do niche, it’s likely you will see a bit of variety just so they can cater to all of the customers needs. Vitruvian is focused on strength training, we also have stretching and Pilates options too as we know that a balanced body needs those elements as much as they need strength training.

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