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About Us

Amodrn, A New Modern Lifestyle Destination Rooted in Wellness and Expert-Driven Content

This new shift marks burgeoning consumer interest in current content, as well as holistic and efficacious insights across health, lifestyle, beauty, fitness, food, and motherhood. Supplementing with a consistent rhythm of expert-driven content, Amodrn is designed to round out consumers’ lifestyles with actionable tips and tricks that resonate and inform.

Back in 2012, wellness was niche and health looked like low-calorie microwave meals. Nearly a decade later, wellness has become an enviable lifestyle, permeating one’s diet, exercise routine, wardrobe, mental health, and more – we like to think Amodrn played a role in making that happen. We’ve taken the best of our content, to create this new, exciting destination to help spur current conversations around all aspects of the latest in healthy living.

Serving as a source of cutting edge news, unparalleled inspiration, and motivational insights, Amodrn offers advice, tips, and practical steps to help its readers accomplish their goals, all whilst feeling incredible.

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