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Here’s How Jennifer Lopez Looks *That* Good at 51

The lowdown on her skincare, diet, and exercise routine.

These days, it seems like Jennifer Lopez is aging backward. It seems like the older she gets, the better she looks. What is her secret and how can we find out what is it? It turns out that a little each day goes a long way. It’s all about doing the little things every day that keeps your body, mind, and spirit in tip-top condition. From exercise to eating healthy and her skincare, there’s a lot that she does to stay healthy. We scoured the internet to find out just what she does to look and feel amazing at almost 52 years old. Keep reading for more!

Here’s How Jennifer Lopez Looks *That* Good at 51

1) Exercise

We found J.Lo’s four-circuit workout online on Hello Magazine‘s interview with her trainer. First, four sets with a sumo squat and a medicine ball. Second, reverse lunges. Then a plank on a medicine ball. Finally, end this circuit with a lateral lunge. Jennifer Lopez’s trainer also recommends you get a heated sauna blanket if you don’t have access to a sauna.

2) Eating Healthy

According to Good Housekeeping, Jennifer Lopez’s diet consists of four main parts. First, lean protein all the way to keep those muscles in shape. Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables for nutrition as well as supercharged carbohydrates like quinoa and sweet potato. Additionally, she does not forget to drink her water (7 glasses per day).

3) Skincare

According to Grazia, Jennifer Lopez’s routine is no different than what any dermatologist will tell you to do. Sunscreen, not wearing your makeup to bed, and taking care of your body. We suggest getting some retinol and ceramide into your routine too. J.Lo says she doesn’t indulge in filler or botox but does get the occasional facial as well. There are treatments like micro-needling that cause stimulate collagen growth.

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