Why the Kitchen Is the Best Gathering Space in the Home 

Here's three reasons why!

kitchen gathering space
Image: Uliana Kopanytsia via Unsplash

A kitchen is a place in the home where life happens, fully. It’s that corner of the household where we eat, play, and talk to each other. Where we prepare for holidays, celebrations, and nourish our bodies. We speak to each other, give each other the gift of food, and try new, fun recipes that can warm the heart. The kitchen is the home’s main gathering hub! It’s where we say good morning, good afternoon, and good night! We’ve come up with the reasons we love the kitchen and why design in the space is important. Keep reading for more!

Why the Kitchen Is the Best Gathering Space in the Home

Three reasons: tradition, food, and celebration. Regarding tradition, it’s a place where we can share what we’ve learned or created. Whether that’s family passing down rituals or friends exchanging amazing things they’ve learned from someone else. With food, it becomes something that we share together. It’s a process where we find and buy ingredients. Then, we mix and match those to make something good (or decent, depending on the combination). Then there’s a celebration! Celebration is the way we mark milestones. It’s where we reconnect, even over silent and passive moments. The kitchen is where we’re alive! It’s where we catch up with each other and make space to take part in the conversations that connect us to each other!

 Where Design Comes Into Play

Then there’s the design of these spaces! What was once a simpler space can now be transformed into a place where there’s live music playing from big speakers. There can be seating along the bar to ensure a fun drink or two before the main celebration. There are so many decor styles we can choose from too, which is all a part of the fun process. Textures, appliances, color schemes! What would you pick? We’d go for a space that isn’t too cluttered so that we can have a lot of space to move and create fun. Something that’s warm and vibrant so that it’s always a fantastic place to be. We’d also love a space where many can sit so it’s a good place to host. Home is where the heart is!


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