A day in the life of Kate Kendall will make you rethink your routine

Say goodbye to your banal morning habits and #saddesklunch.

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Kate Kendall is one of those people who makes you want to be a better person. And not in a patronising way. In an aspirational, ‘I want to be more like you’ kind of way. You’d know her for being upside down more than she’s the right way up, for being the co-founder of Flow Athletic, and of course, for her pseudonym: Active Yogi. But she’s so much more than that.
Kate views the world through half-full eyes. Spend a day with her and you’ll be rethinking your daily routine – your banal morning habits, your #saddesklunch, but especially your outlook. She’s spiritual, yes, but she’s positive, open-minded and truly one of a kind. She is an inspiration for both physical and mental wellness. So we were pretty happy to get inside her head. Meet Kate Kendall.

Getting To Know You

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Born: 22 April 1981
Lives: Rushcutters Bay
Known for: Being the Active Yogi, leading Flow After Dark, Yoga Silent Disco and for being the Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic.
Personal motto: “Don’t forget to breathe”
Success is: Feeling fulfilled.
Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: Stop people pleasing! You’ll never live the life you want to live if you’re always trying to please and impress others.
People are surprised that I: eat chocolate
I’m inspired by: anyone who’s living their life with passion and having fun.
The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: leaving a full-time job in advertising to go to India and study yoga. Best decision of my life so far.
From my mistakes, I have learnt: there are no mistakes.
My most used emoji is: ✨ They remind me of magic.

Out & About

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Wake up time: 6am
Morning ritual: 20mins meditation and then a run or yoga.

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Desk lunch: Buddha Bowl from Orchard Street, Paddington (packed with greens, avo, hummus, seaweed and other delish stuff)
Last thing I do at night: drink magnesium and read (regular party at my house..woohoo!)
Guilty pleasure: sesame snaps
3 things vital to my day: meditation, belly laughs and knowing that I’ve contributed in some way.
Cafe: Bootsdarling on South Dowling Street
Juice: Simon Says. His green juice with spinach, tahini, apple and figs is off the hook.
Coffee: short black or Bulletproof
Culture stop: Does the football stadium count? That’s Aussie culture…love a game of AFL.
Studio/gym: Flow Athletic


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Sports top: My ‘Livin’ tank top. They’re an organisation that talk about the importance of speaking up about feeling depressed or anxious and other mental health related issues. They do low side cut tops that are amazing for training and I feel good about it because I’m spreading the word #itaintweaktospeak
Sports shorts: lululemon run shorts.
Shoes: Adidas Ultra Boost
Sunglasses: Cheapos. I lose them more than I lose socks in the laundry.
Watch: Don’t wear one currently.
Store: Mode Sportif. It’s just opposite Flow.

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New season must-have: anything pastel. Shoes especially.

Culture & Tech

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App: Kalmmind.
Website: Women’s Fitness and of course, Amodrn
Binge watch: Sex & the City
Instagram stalk: @helloemilie
Album love: Xavier Rudd’s ‘Spirit Bird’

Logging On

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Website: www.activeyogi.com.au (something full of goodness launching on it very soon! Watch this space!)
Instagram: @activeyogi
Facebook: facebook.com/ActiveYogi/
Snap: @LiveTheSpace

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