5 arm sculpting workouts that Yogi Kate Kendall swears by

Whether you’re arms are hidden under sweaters or baring all in sleeveless tanks, lean and defined arms are always in style. So we asked yogi Kate Kendall to share five arm sculpting moves that specifically target your triceps, biceps and surrounding muscles. Add these simply moves to your regular workout routine, and you’ll be able to show off your arms, no matter what the weather is outside.

5 arm sculpting workouts Yogi Kate Kendall swears by

You’ll need hand weights (1kg or more), a yoga mat and yourself


1. For toning the thighs, arms and back

Stand up tall, with weights by your side. Bring your big toes together and then sit down into a chair like position. Sending your weight back into your heels, inhale take your arms out by your side, exhale squeeze them out behind you as if the weights want to touch behind you. Inhale your arms out shoulder height and then exhale your hands down in front of you. 10 Reps.

Kate Kendall, Arm workouts, how to get rid of flabby arms


The next three postures are all done lunging the right leg forward first

2. For toning the triceps, abs, thighs and buttocks

From lunge position, activate core, lean forward and – starting with elbows bent and weights in towards the shoulders as you inhale – exhale extend your arms straight back to squeeze straight. 10 Reps.

Kate Kendall, arm workout

3. After you’re extended your arms straight on the tenth rep as above, keep them extended, turn your knuckles to face down, check that your abs are switched on and micro-pulse your weights up at down for 20 reps

Kate Kendall, arm workout

4. For toning the triceps and buttocks and for finding balance

From last shape, lift your torso to have your chest square forward. ON the inhalation reach your arms above the head so that the weights touch and, keeping them as close together as possible as you exhale and lower them down your back. On the next inhalation lift weights above head again but squeeze the right leg straight. Pause at the top to balance. Exhale lunge again lower the weights down your back. Repeat this movement pattern x 10.

Kate Kendall, arm workout


5. For toning your abs and triceps

From all fours with weights by your side. Pull your lower abdominal muscles in to active the core from this position, spread your fingers out wide and press down evenly into them to lift your knees and walk feet back into a plank. Take a few breaths to stabilise and feel the lower abs draw in and at the same time ‘puff’ out through the upper back so that there is no back bend or ‘sag’ in the lower back. Pick up a weight in the right hand and, keeping your hips and ’square’ as possible, inhale bend your right elbow and lift it in towards your shoulder, exhale intend your arm straight back and squeeze. 5 Reps and then repeat with left arm. You can modify by dropping the knees.

Kate Kendall, arm workout

Repeat all of the above doing 2, 3 & 4 on the left leg

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