How this shoe made me a runner

When told I would be sent to an island to test a running shoe last week, I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive. Running for me is similar to pins and needles; it is an unpleasant sensation, characterised by a feeling of loss of limbs and a desire for it to stop.
Yet there I was among the other “runners” on a boat off to Goat Island in Sydney Harbour for the launch of Adidas’ most innovative female trainer yet, the Adidas PureBoost X. My anxiety spiked after asking a staff member what time we would be returning – “the boat will return at 9pm,” she said.
So it was official, the tribe had spoken; death was coming in the form of a three-hour marathon.
On arrival we were presented with our new pair of Adidas PureBoost X, a funky red and purple shoe – “worthy of being my last,” I thought. But in the word’s of Marilyn Monroe, “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Needless to say, I didn’t die because the PureBoost X are amazing. When walking you feel like you are bouncing. Their unique design propels you forward, making you want to run (yep, WANT).
In fact, I really enjoyed myself at the Adidas PureBoost X Launch Party. We kicked ass in a boxing session with Lauryn Eagle, tested our burpee perseverance in a full body workout with Christian Miranda and got down in a hip hop routine, before tucking into a well-deserved meal and Christian Miranda with an epic view of the Harbour Bridge.

Leaving feeling like Beyonce (and pretty happy not to ever see the footage to contradict it), I have to say I was impressed by the PureBoost X.

What’s so special about them?

While most running shoes are adaptations of male’s shoes, PureBoost X was designed by females, for females. Adidas teamed up with female athletes from all over the globe to ensure that the runner meets requirements specific to women and the way we train.
The silhouette is extremely clever. The unique floating arch moulds to the natural contours of your foot which, paired with the lock down lacing and mesh upper, creates a personalised fit for every user. But I think the most innovative feature is the midsole.
A bed of thousands of BOOST™ foam capsules, the midsole provides support, cushioning and maximum energy-return. Energy-what? The way I think of this is if the shoe were a ball and you threw it on the ground it would bounce higher than the other ball-shoes. Get it?
Available in two different styles (one by Stella McCartney), each with two different colourways, as well as a training shoe, the Adidas PureBoost X brings out the runner in everyone.

Shop → Adidas PureBoost X $160

Adidas PureBoost X

A dedicated story for Adidas Australia 

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