Torch Your Lower Body In 5 Minutes With This Workout

Want lean legs and a tight behind?

If you’re after lean legs and a tight behind, get your squat-pants on and press play below. Following on from last week’s upper-body burn, this workout will focus on the lower body. Through small movements and static contractions, it targets the muscles in the legs and glutes to switch them on for the full five minutes. Seriously, you’ll be sweating in no time; it may be short but it’s not easy.
Take it as a single workout or add it on to the first two segments of our six-part series with Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold, for a 15-minute full-body burn. All you need is a bit of open space and you can use a chair for stability.

In The Flow With Emma Seibold Part 3

Want more workouts like this one? Now you can enjoy your favourite Barre Body class from the comfort of your home with Barre Body Online. 

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