Barre Body Online launches with workouts just like this one

Now you can Barre in your bedroom.

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Barre Body has some of the most beautiful fitness studios we’ve every seen. And while we’d love to visit them every day, sometimes we just can’t get there. Whether it’s raining, they’re too far or we’re pressed for time, often we just want to workout at home. And Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold, fully gets that.
In fact, she knows the feeling so well she’s brought her workouts to you. From tomorrow (December 1), wherever you are, whatever the time, you can experience the Barre burn, as Barre Body launches online.

Exclusive Launch: Barre Body Online

With over 100 videos, featuring workouts from five minutes to one hour, Barre Body Online caters for beginners through to advanced practitioners. Designed by Barre Body’s expert teachers, the workouts highlight a range of focuses – including fitness, toning, flexibility, flow, prenatal and postnatal – and can be done with or without equipment, in the comfort of your home.

“Whether at home or on the road, clients will experience a challenging workout that awakens every muscle in their body. [This is then] topped off with our signature meditation and mindfulness, ensuring a total mind and body transformation.”
– Emma Seibold, Barre Body founder.

And if you’re no good at developing your own exercise schedule, don’t stress. As well as the 100 individual videos, Barre Body Online offers complete training programs. Whether you’re after a two-week tone up, a four-week full-body overhaul, or a 9-month prenatal series, it has six programs specifically designed for your individual goals.
Much like its stunning studios, no expense has been spared in ensuring Barre Body Online delivers a premium, beautiful experience for its users.

“We have designed Barre Body Online with the same enormous amount of love that gets poured into our studios. I want every client to leave [Barre Body] feeling like they have challenged their body, soothed their mind and nourished their soul. This is embedded throughout our studios, and now we are so delighted to spread this same Barre Body love across the globe through Barre Body Online.”

Try It Out…

To get a taste for BBO, Seibold has designed a 30-minute workout, especially for our readers. Delivered to you in six parts, each week we’ll bring you another five minutes to add onto the last. If you missed week one, try it here. If not, get ready to torch your upper body below.

In The Flow With Emma Seibold Part 2

Want to get the most out of your workouts? Find out how to burn more calories in your next Barre class with these expert tips. 

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