Exclusive: Sjana Elise Shares A Strength Sequence From Her New Yoga Program

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We might’ve mentioned SWEAT a few times before. Ok, ok, we can’t stop talking about it. It’s the incredible new fitness app that’s like a personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness tracker in one—and we’ve been using it religiously.
You know when you get new sneakers and you just keep wearing them? Or you hear a seriously good song so you play it on repeat? Well, it’s like that but with workouts. To put it bluntly: we’re obsessed. Not only does it house strength and cardio programs from Kayla Itsines and postnatal workouts from Kelsey Wells, it’s got yoga, too. The brains (or should we say body?) behind the flow is none other than Sjana Elise Earp. Her program, BAM (Body and Mind) was developed especially for the app, with women in mind.

“We understand that every woman has her own uniqueness; body shapes, ability, schedules and experience. All of these things can sometimes become limiting barriers to us starting a new program—especially if you are starting something foreign to you, such as yoga! So with that in mind, my program caters to all abilities and experience levels. And with three to four, 28-minute sessions per week, it is accessible and convenient!”

The workouts are designed to progress with you so whether you’re new to flow or a seasoned yogi, it’s got something for everyone. Sjana Elise gave us an exclusive look at a strength sequence for week eight. Try it out for yourself below.
[jwplayer kYKjtpW4]

Test out Kelsey Wells’ post-pregnancy program and Kayla Itsines’ strength program and then download the app. 

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