Exclusive: Kelsey Wells Shares A Workout From Her New Program On SWEAT

She gave us a sneak peak of the app.

Kelsey Wells Workout, SELF program on SWEAT
Image via SWEAT

If you’ve seen an unusual abundance of post-baby bumps sweating it out at the gym lately, Kelsey Wells is to blame.
The personal trainer and mother of one recently joined forces with Kayla Itsines and Sjana Earp as trainers on the new fitness app, SWEAT. While Kayla heads up the BBG side of things and Sjana takes care of Yoga, Kelsey’s program focuses on getting back into shape after pregnancy—a daunting task as anyone who’s undertaken it would know.
“Obviously a woman’s body goes through tonnes of changes through pregnancy and childbirth. Regardless of how you prefer to train prior to pregnancy those changes need to be attended to in order to build up strength and get back to where you were,” she told Amodrn.
“SELF is designed to help you begin or ease back into your exercise routine. It’s broken down into sections: Beginner Weeks 1-4, Weeks 1-4, and Weeks 5-12. The beginning weeks focus on restoring lost core strength, pelvic floor strength, rectifying postural issues and helping you to feel your body and get that foundation down before moving onto more intense training. The subsequent weeks build on this and the intensity of the workouts increases steadily as your body adjusts.”
Getting back into an exercise routine after having time off (and putting on some cushioning) is never easy. But when that time off is over nine months and that cushioning is 15 kilograms, it can seem near to impossible. Kelsey designed her program to make the daunting become achievable. She’s shared a lower body workout from week 4 to give you a sneak peek into SWEAT. Try it for yourself, below.
[jwplayer XRjnAzU1]

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