Visiting LA? Here's Where To Get A Decent Cup Of Coffee

The city of angels is home to a growing number of Aussie cafes.

There are plenty of things us Aussies pride ourselves on—our beautiful beaches, culturally diverse nation and barbecuing skills, to name a few! But close to the top of that list would definitely be the fact that we make some of the best coffee in the world. Yep, we’re total caffeine snobs and we have good reason to be! Not only do most cafes here serve a wide array of coffee styles (ristretto? flat white? cold drip? You got it!) and milk options, we’re often voted the coffee capital of the world. Okay, so Melbourne is, but the rest of us can claim it too!
The only problem with being spoiled with such amazing coffee is that it can make it hard to find a brew overseas that hits the spot. Our founder Bianca recently moved from Sydney to LA. Despite loving most things about the vibrant city, she admits she misses her beloved soy lattes from back home. As any Aussie who’s travelled to the US can tell you, our American buddies can do a decent long black—but anything else is just not the same. In fact, if you try to order a ‘flat white’ you’re likely to be met with a confused expression from the barista (it’s not really a thing over there.)
The good news for Aussie expats and tourists is that a growing number of Australian-owned cafes are opening in Los Angeles. So, while you’re checking out all the amazing sights and eateries the city has to offer, you no longer have to be homesick for a decent cup of joe. Here are some of our favourite Aussie cafes in LA.

Bondi Harvest

Sydneysiders will be familiar with this Bondi institution, which last year expanded to the beachside area of Santa Monica. Much like its namesake back home, the LA cafe serves up great coffees, juices and smoothies alongside seasonal, Aussie-inspired meals for brekkie and lunch.
Find out more about Bondi Harvest.

Paramount Coffee Project

This LA cafe is more Aussie than most Australian cafes! Not only do they offer pretty much every type of brew you could possibly think of, they’ve also been known to serve up a Vegemite and butterscotch milkshake. It’s the perfect place to go for brunch after a late night, as they have an all-day menu with plenty of yummy sweet and savoury options.
Check out Paramount Coffee Project.

Longshot Coffee

Like you on your travels, this Aussie-owned cafe doesn’t stay put for long. The mobile espresso bar takes its classic Australian Roast blend all over LA, from festivals to the Academy Awards. Thankfully, it does have a flagship store in West Hollywood—so you won’t have to chase it around the city looking for a decent cup of joe.
Find out more about Longshot Coffee.

Coffee + Food

The matter-of-fact name of this cute Larchmont cafe gives away its Australian roots—it serves coffee and food and it does it damn well. Here, you’ll find artfully poured lattes alongside some delicious breaky sandwiches, fresh salads and sweet treats.
Check out Coffee + Food.

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