SWEAT Is The Insane New Fitness App That Is Like A Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Fitness Tracker In One

Kayla Itsines, Sjana Earp & Kelsey Wells have joined forces to release SWEAT.

We all know the feeling: you’re lying in bed, booking your gym class for the following afternoon. It’s a high-intensity circuit session that breaks a serious sweat. It’ll be perfect to blow off steam after work, you think. But when the time comes, you’ve had a hard day, you’re running on little sleep and a punishing workout is the last thing you need.

Being a woman is exciting; no two days are the same. Some call for silence and Savasana while others need punching bags and profanities. And although this keeps things interesting (right?), it makes sticking to a training plan—and a single gym—a difficult task. Enter: SWEAT. 
Launched today, SWEAT combines a personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness tracker all in the one device. Designed to help women find a health routine that works for them, it creates training and meal plans that adapt to our ever-changing, busy lifestyles. Combining programs from three of the world’s best personal trainers—Kayla Itsines, Sjana Earp and Kelsey Wells—SWEAT includes workouts focused on bodyweight, strength training, yoga and post-pregnancy that can be done at home or in the gym.
Sweat AppUnlike other fitness apps that focus on either exercise or nutrition, SWEAT has it all. With over 400 recipes, tailored meal plans, and automated shopping lists, it makes it easy to stay on track to reach your goals. Plus, it keeps you accountable by recording your progress, fitness stats and even hydration.

In the calendar, you can plan your workouts and meals in advance to fit in with your routine and change them at the touch of a button. Don’t feel up to that HIIT session you booked in with Kayla last week? Switch it for a Vinyasa Flow with Sjana instead. Decided to start doing Meatless Monday? Swap your green eggs and ham for the coconut chia pudding.
Founded by Tobi Pearce, Kayla Itsines’ partner, SWEAT continues Tobi’s mission to not only assist women but also educate and empower them to take charge of their own health and fitness goals. That being said, they’re not alone. Along with the expert advice and tutorials provided by the trainers, users can connect with the wider SWEAT community of like-minded fit females to share experiences, inspire and encourage one another.

Tobi Pearce
Sweat Founder and CEO Tobi Pearce

“I wanted a place that offers a wider community of women a way to connect with one another and share their journey. I was determined to educate and empower not just some women, but women of all shapes, sizes and preferences to live their healthiest life. This desire set me on my path to develop SWEAT as it is now, and motivates me for what it will be in the future, Pearce told Amodrn.

Sick of using ten apps and paying for three fitness memberships? Try SWEAT.

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