The 'Planetary Health Diet' Claims To Save Lives AND The Planet

Extreme or necessary?

planetary health diet
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We know what you’re thinking—another day, another diet. But, according to a global team of researchers, this new way of eating is more than just a fad. A new summary report released by EAT-Lancet Commission, a science-based platform dedicated to food system transformation, claims that the ‘Planetary Health Diet’ is the way of the future.

The ‘Planetary Health Diet’

Not only is it said to enhance the health and wellbeing of those who adhere to it, it’s also stamped with a big environmentally-friendly badge of honour which will, simultaneously, help save the planet in more ways than one.
“A radical transformation of the global food system is urgently needed,” the report states. “An immense challenge facing humanity is to provide a growing world population with healthy diets from sustainable food systems.”

the planetary diet
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“Global food production threatens climate stability and ecosystem resilience and constitutes the single largest driver of environmental degradation and transgression of planetary boundaries.”
The report brought together 37 leading scientists from 16 different countries, specialising in various disciplines including human health, agriculture, political science and environmental sustainability to develop a global framework to target two main objectives: food production and final consumption.
Through analysing data of chronic diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes worldwide, researchers found that these types of deaths account for up to 24 per cent of adult deaths per year. In reflection of these statistics, this initiative is also making it their mission to prevent approximately 11 million premature deaths annually.
the planetary diet
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So what does the diet look like exactly?

It suggests limiting your intake of red meat and sugar by 50% and doubling your consumption of foods such as fish, vegetables, fruit, legumes, wholegrains and nuts (ie. nothing we haven’t heard before, really). Items such as eggs, poultry and dairy foods are listed as “optional” by the Commission.
As for helping the environment, it plans to do this by improving factors such as climate change, freshwater use and biodiversity loss, all of which are pivotal to sustainability for generations to come.
The folks in white lab coats are giving us until the year 2050 to totally transform the way in which we eat and treat our environment—and are pushing to government bodies and other organisations to help make this happen.
We can start by doing little things each day to live an eco-friendly life, opt for natural products where possible, actually use your Keep-Cup and commit to less food waste. By way of diets, we should continue eating lots of fresh vegetables, limiting processed sugar and aiming for balance in other areas.

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