Only Have 10 Minutes? Try These Lazy Yet Effective Workouts

As instructed by fitness expert, Sam Wood.

lazy yet effective workouts
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Gone are the days that you feel as though you have to sweat it out for hours on end at the gym to get the results you want. Now, we’re learning more and more that there are ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine without having it take over your whole life. We’re also learning that it doesn’t always have to be about high intensity. If you’re prone to stress and anxiety, some experts recommend LISS or gentler exercises such as yoga to be more beneficial, depending on how much cortisol your body produces.
“I get it, a ‘lazy workout’ might sound like an oxymoron,” says fitness expert, Sam Wood. “But we’ve all been there before – you only have 10 minutes to kill and want to get your muscles working but you’re just not in the mood to get all hot and sweaty! Plus, I always say that something is better than nothing and it’s amazing how often you might attempt a 10-minute workout that you actually end up doing a bit more.”
So with this in mind, here are two lazy yet effective workout circuits by Sam Wood that you can do absolutely anywhere, anytime. They are designed to work your whole body whilst targeting your arms and abs and because they are low intensity (depending on how hard you work) you could probably get away with not sweating too much which means you can go about your day (with the help of deodorant and perhaps a spritz of dry shampoo for good measure).

Workout 1

1. Hip bridges x 30 reps

sam wood lazy workouts

2. Side plank hip dips x 30 reps

sam wood lazy workouts

3. Alternating lunges x 30 reps

sam wood lazy workouts

4. Crunches x 30 reps

lazy workouts

5. Leg lowers x 10 reps

sam wood lazy workouts

Workout 2

1. Wall squat x 30 seconds

sam wood wall squat

2. Push ups x 10 reps

sam wood lazy workouts
3. V-sits hold x 30 secs

sam wood short workouts v sit up

4. Mountain climbers x 20 reps

sam wood workout

5. Chair dips 20 x reps

sam wood chair dips
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