What Is Geopathic Stress And How Do You Know If It's In Your Home?

The state of your home can play a major role in overall health and wellbeing.

Does Your Home Have Geopathic Stress? The state of your home can play a major role in overall health and well-being. Here's why you should be worried!

With no shortage of stress sources and stress-busting remedies, the state of your home can play a major role in overall health and wellbeing. By now you’re all too aware that what you see can influence your state of mind… We’re looking at you, dish pile-up. But what about what’s lurking under the surface?
Just like a cluttered AF desk can inhibit your ability to focus and provoke an underlying sense of chaos, what’s going on below your home – including any underground streams, sewers, electric lines, tunnels, or tectonic faults – can distort the earth’s natural energy and may affect your own energy patterns.
This hidden disruption is known as geopathic stress, and its symptoms can express themselves anywhere from random cold and damp areas to a more subtle feeling of restless energy in your home. Should you be worried? Not exactly. Though these earth stressors aren’t inherently negative or harmful, their strong vibrations can weaken an exposed person’s immune system over time, leaving less energy for the body to focus on R & R and fighting off any illness.

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Want to test your home for geopathic stress?

A dowsing rod session should do the trick, though we can’t guarantee you won’t give your roommates a laugh or two in the process! Additionally, take note of any unusual spots where your pets tend to hang out – animals and insects are naturally drawn to areas of geopathic stress.
If you think you’re dealing with any wonky energy, the best way to neutralize geopathic stress is to rearrange furniture. Be sure to position your bed, desk and anywhere you spend a significant amount of time out of geopathic stress lines. Placing small metal rods at strategic points throughout your home may also help to redirect energy and minimize any disturbances.
With a bit of mindfulness and a few easy fixes, you’ll be optimizing your space for improved wellness, rest and immune support. Now take that dowsing rod and repeat after me: Mischief Managed.

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