These Are The Chicest Reusable Coffee Cups You Need In Your Life

Sip in style, sisters!

They’ve been around for ages (and if you haven’t already bought one, the environmental Gods are bestowing a permanent frown upon you until you do), but the makers of reusable coffee cups are definitely getting way more inventive with their designs lately. Have you noticed? From colourful glass to ceramic and hand-painted, there’s something for everyone in the reusable coffee cup department (which is a universal sign that everyone should be using one for their morning brew).

Here’s our rundown of the chicest, eco-friendly coffee cups that’ll house your almond-milk cappuccino with elegance and style.

1. KeepCup

eco-friendly coffee cup

The OG reusable gem, KeepCup still offer some of the sleekest ’n’ chicest coffee cups going. We’re a huge fan of their tempered glass variety as opposed to plastic, and you can create your own by customising the colour of each of the cup’s components. The KeepCup Brew Cork Edition comes with a sustainably-sourced natural cork grip, which is not only practical as hell, but also looks chic AF.

Shop here.

2. frank & green

eco-friendly coffee cup

Another OG, another stunning-looking design. These cute-as-anything cups are once again fully customisable, and they seamlessly combine function, form and—most importantly—sustainability.

Oh and FYI, their Next Generation range are enabled with Visa PayWave technology, which means you can pay for your morning coffee with just your coffee cup to hand. We repeat, you can pay for your morning coffee with just your coffee cup to hand! Hashtag twenty-first century living or what?

Shop here.

3. Pottery for the Planet

eco-friendly coffee cup

‘Cause nothing gives the middle finger to paper cup usage quite like a hand-made, vitrified ceramic alternative fitted with a silicone lid—especially when they look this good.

With a huge range of designs depending on your tastes and colour preferences and coming in three sizes to suit how large you like your brew, these stunning cups will bring you and your barista unbridled joy with every use.

Shop here.

4. KW Ceramics

eco-friendly coffee cup

Hand-crafted on the Sunshine Coast, these gorgeous cups are fired to very high temperatures, which makes them strong, durable and (importantly), dishwasher safe (*cue hallelujah music*). The brand also stocks waterproof linen pouches to house your trusty cup when not in use, and silicone heat sleeves to make them easier to carry when piping hot.

And just so you know—they sell cups that are hand-painted with cactuses, making them the ultimate millennial accessory. You’re welcome.

Shop here.

5. Sttoke Reusable Cup

eco-friendly keep cup

The world’s first shatterproof reusable coffee cup is here! And it’s probably the sleekest thing you’ve ever seen, amiright? Sttoke offers a style-meets-substance design is being touted as the future of reusable coffee cups. It’s made from ceramic to preserve the integrity of the coffee taste, yet the exterior is stainless steel to make it practically unbreakable. The cup is designed to provide a consistent temperature and flavour for 3-6 hours to ensure the first sip is no different to the last.
This Melbourne-made staple will look as sexy as anything on your Instagram feed, and even better in your hand.
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