Peloton And ClassPass Top List Of The World's Most Innovative Companies

Check out who else made the cut.

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When it comes to disrupting the wellness industry, very few companies are able to make the impact they set out to do. We’ve seen brands come and go, but the few who have managed to build up a strong foundation of followers and have brought value to their customers stand out among the crowd and dominate the industry, year over year.
And to recognize the most ingenious brands in the health and fitness space, Fast Company has just released its list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” and you’ll find some very familiar names on the list.

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The first — most innovative — company is none other than the cycling giant Peloton. The company first broke into the fitness scene in 2012, and has truly innovated the indoor cycling world. The live-streamed workouts and at-home bike set-up mean you can get the fitness class experience right from your home, and if you can’t make it to an in-studio session, you can replicate it in your space, at your own convenience.


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Challenges are just opportunities to build endurance. @iamicaniwillido shares how she overcame fitness obstacles in her path in this week’s Friday fitness tip: “I mentioned in a previous post about seeing the view from the top of the mountain. The view I am referring to is not the pretty vista and puffy clouds, but the shift in my view of myself. That is the view that is worth the climb. Taking on a challenge that you know will test you and allowing yourself to go through the process of turning every single ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can.’ The mental and emotional endurance required to accept that there would be literally zero moments of respite on the way up. The only recovery was in convincing myself that when the hill became slightly less steep, it was slightly less uncomfortable. This changed how I viewed what felt like a wall. I had to look for (or make) the door. The door is in the wall.” #onepeloton

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But the company has developed far beyond just its spin offerings. In early 2018, the company revealed the Peloton Tread — it’s at-home treadmill workout machine that functions similarly to its original bike concept. You get the treadmill class opportunities without actually having to head to a class.
Then, not long after, the Peloton Yoga Studio in New York City was born, rounding out the company’s fitness offerings to also include recovery stretches and meditation. What’s next for the brand? We’ll just have to stay tuned.
Also making the list was ClassPass, the studio class booking app that has made it easier than ever to schedule your before-work and after-work classes. Founded in 2013 by Payal Kadakia, ClassPass has opened doors to countless fitness studios in the biggest cities, letting users try out new locations, new styles of fitness, and test out new instructors in a mission to find time for fitness in our ever-busy world.

The company has continued to expand, adding wellness and beauty appointments to its booking app, as well as bringing corporate memberships to their menu of offerings. It even has live-streamed classes as part of the ClassPass Live platform, giving users even more options to sweat it out, no matter where they are.
The list also includes user-favourite Orangetheory, which will give you a serious heart rate-based sweat in just one hours; Lord Jones, the line of CBD-infused products; and Mirror, the smart mirror that doubles as a personal trainer, right from your home setup.

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