This Smart Mirror Could Transform Your Entire At-Home Workout Routine

From designer lookalike mirror to fully-functioning at-home studio.

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If you’ve been looking for that ultimate piece of at-home workout equipment that’ll finally get you motivated enough to regularly lace up your sneakers and get to sweating, this latest piece of gear could just be the addition your fitness routine needs. Enter, the Mirror, an “invisible, interactive home gym,” that’ll bring you on-demand and live classes, and comes with a $1,495 price tag, plus a monthly $39 subscription.


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Jump! Don’t just hop or skip. The Mirror will lift you up. #seeyourself.

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The wall-mounted mirror not only blends right into your decor aesthetic — it resembles a vertical television set — but serves double function as an at-home gym that comes equipped with experts, workouts, and real-time personalization.
With classes ranging from cardio and strength to HIIT and boxing, the all-level sessions are available live, which means you can train with experts who give you immediate feedback and callouts. Need that hands-on instruction of group classes but can’t make it to the gym? Solution, delivered.

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The Mirror works by pairing with a smartphone app, through which you can choose the workout you want to do, while suing the built-in camera and stereo speakers to bring the look and sounds of a class in your most comfortable environment — your living room. Power up your favorite Spotify playlist, too, for added customization.
If you’re feeling extra goal-oriented, pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or even your Apple Watch to track your progress over time and to ensure you’re hitting your ideal level of performance. Score a PR? You get points.
The Mirror, which was released earlier this fall, was founded by Brynn Putnam, also the founder of NYC’s Refine Method. Now, giving you the ability to visualize yourself and see your form and progress, you can watch and interact exactly as you would in a boutique class.
More than 50 new classes go live every week — which means you won’t hit that dreaded plateau or grow tired of doing the same online workout — all taught by top certified instructors from around the country.
When you’re done, simply power off the device and it returns to the simplest of functions — a, well, mirror.

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