What To Look For When Buying Crystal-Infused Water Bottles

At around $100 a pop, here's what you need to know.

crystal water bottles
Image via Instagram user @merakicrystals_ + @glacce

Crystals are believed to promote anything from health and love to creativity, success and mental clarity, so the idea is to keep one (or many) in close proximity to harness all of the good energy.
Typically, people keep them scattered around their home, on their bedside table, under their pillow, on their desk at work or even clutched in their pockets, and lately—no doubt, you’ve seen the latest trend of crystal-infused water bottles (otherwise known as crystal elixirs) all over your Instagram feed. Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr are both fans and the concept is gaining serious momentum. 

The perceived benefits of crystals:

To understand how one could benefit from using a crystal water bottle, we must turn our attention to crystals in general, and just to be clear, whilst certain crystals are said to promote wellness, there is no scientific research to suggest that crystals do in fact have healing powers.
“The potential healing power of crystals is purely energeticthis does not fall into the realm of evidence-based naturopathic medicine,” explains Kirsten Shanks, qualified naturopath and founder of Orchard St.

crystal water bottles
Image: @orchardstlove

“As with any vibrational medicine, the power to heal is in the realm of the beholder! Everything is affected by subtle energies, but our potential to tap into those frequencies is dependant on our receptivity to them.”
“Personally, I find crystals both aesthetically and energetically joyful to have around meas decoration, in ritual and ceremony, and as infusions. They are beautiful adornments for a life aligned with nature!”

How crystal elixirs work:

Kirsten explains that as water has been found to have the potential to imbibe energies, through the act of ‘infusing’ it with a crystal, you can harness the crystalline vibrations of each stone. “Sipping on this water throughout the day has the potential to then subtly align your body with these positive energies.”

crystal water bottle
Image via Instagram user @glacce

Intrigued by the thought of crystal water bottles but don’t know where to start or which one is best suited to you?
“Warning: Content below is only for the believers!” Kirsten playfully says before running us through the unique properties of some popular crystals below:

  • Amethyst

“This is the ultimate protector of auric fields, warding off negative energy and bringing insight, clarity and peace.”

  • Black Obsidian

“A powerful cleanser of negative vibrations. Also known as a strong psychic protector!”

  • Clear Quartz

“The ultimate crystal for transforming, transmitting, storing and amplifying positive energy.”

  • Rose Quartz

“The stone of love. Opens the heart chakra and enhances our abilities for deep self-love.”

What to look out for:

Because crystal-infused water bottles can be quite expensive (expect to pay anywhere between $70 to upwards of $100) you want to ensure that you’re buying into quality. Not to mention the fact that as water is being ingested, safety is of utmost importance.
“Not just any crystal can be used, with the potential to leach toxic minerals,” Kirsten tells Amodrn. Kirsten advises sticking to crystals from reputable sources as Amethyst, Quartz and Obsidian and also notes that polished gems are ideal.

crystal water bottle
Image via Instagram user @energymuse

In addition to this, paying attention to other elements of the bottle may be worth your while. “We chose to use a sustainable lid and base made from bamboo, with stainless steel joinery,” says Kirsten.
“It might seem obvious but general hygiene still applies, particularly with so many parts to the bottleskeep them clean! Remove the crystal and rinse in filtered water and put all parts of the bottle through a dishwasher regularly.”

A note for the sceptics:

Although the power of crystals have zero scientific-backing, one could argue that there is something to be said about the feelings they help provoke.
“For centuries, crystals have been, and will likely always be, within esoteric realm,” shares Kirsten, “but the potential of a positive mindstate to support wellness endeavours is a valid truth.”
“To believe in energetic medicine may be too much to ask for many, but there’s only benefits in surrounding yourself with uplifting, beautiful objects that inspire a way of life aligned with nature’s more subtle energies.”
And hey, if a pretty bottle is going to help you drink more water throughout the day and bring about all the good vibes, placebo or not, all we can say is, whatever works!
You can check out Orchard Street’s range of crystal elixirs here which are 25% off until the end of June.

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