How To Harness the Energy of 2019 And Manifest What Your Heart Desires

Plus, learn how to shift from negative energy into high vibrations.

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Manifestation—it’s the latest and greatest wellness word that offers to ‘call in’ what our heart desires and make our every dream a reality.
But magical word and empowerment vibes aside, what does it really mean and how does it work exactly? What do ‘energy,’ ‘universal vibrations,’ intentions’ and ‘feelings’ all have to do with it?
Well, in order to truly make magic and manifest all the big dreams—be it a house, relationship, wealth, holiday or dream job, it takes a whole lot more than thoughts alone.
To truly harness the powers of the universe, we’ve called upon Connie Chapman, Sydney Based Life Coach, Spirit Guide and Energy Empowerment Guru to share what manifestation means, along with her insights into the energy of 2019 and how we can use it call in our most magical year yet.

What is manifestation?

“In the most simplest form, manifestation is about translating our ideas and dreams into something tangible. Think about it like turning an invisible idea or desire into a visible reality that you get to live out and experience.”

Do you have to be spiritual for manifestation to work?

“You can have a spiritual approach but you don’t have to. As humans I believe we are always manifesting on some level but often we’re just not conscious that we’re manifesting. When we choose to create our reality with manifestation, the shift is more deliberate and conscious rather than default.”

“To become more conscious, you have to learn to manifest from the heart and tap into how you feel when you’re doing what you love. When you’re unfulfilled it’s hard to manifest, but when you come from a place of love it becomes a driving force for true manifestation.”

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How does energy come into it?

“From an energetic perspective, the essence of it is that you as a person vibrate energy at a certain frequency, so if we then apply the concept of the law of attraction – things vibrating at a similar energy will be drawn together.”
“For example, if you want to manifest love, you will need to feel love of self first internally, then when that energy is in alignment with love, you become magnetic to love in the external world. In short – you have to create the energy in yourself and then you can call it in.”

What can we do to shift our energy into a high vibration?

“Your dreams won’t work until you shift your energy, so I recommend the following…”

1. Pay attention to how you feel

“First begin by noticing if your energy is low or high—how are you vibrating?”

2. Check in and become curious

“Ask yourself: what message am I sending out? Am I doubting myself, or am I inspired, optimistic and worthy? Each has a different energy and cause you to attract different things.”

3. Process your thoughts

“I recommend journaling. It’s a great way to identify what you’re thinking and notice where your mindset and emotions are at. You can then use affirmations to shift your focus.”

4. Physically shift the energy

“Any movement based practice like dancing, walking, running, yoga will physically change the energy in your body and the vibe you’re radiating.”

5. Practice self care rituals

“Essentials oils and a meditation practice can be beautiful tools to help soothe the nervous system. By slowing down, becoming more mindful and practicing greater self-care, it allows negative thoughts to fade away and the thoughts you wish to have come to the surface.”

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Let’s talk the manifestation process…

“First, it’s so important to have clarity on what you want. Bring your focus into your heart, breathe into that space and the feelings that light you up.”
“Then begin with inspired action – turn to your journal and ask ‘what is one step’ or action steps that ‘feels inspired?’ Even if it has some discomfort or fear, follow it if it feels like the next right step. You don’t have to see whole path, just the next step and then the next step evolves.”

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“It’s then a matter of surrendering to everything – the timing, how it will unfold, how you think it will look. Let the universe take over and trust in the higher good.”

“After, notice the feedback. Did the door open? Did that person say yes? From that feedback you will be guided to take the next inspired step.”

“A key thing to note though is – if you can’t see evidence or are experiencing doubt come back to that clear vision of what you want. Don’t go off track if its taking time to unfold or attempt to control it. We use control to prevent something bad happening and that stems from fear. Instead, have the trust that even if the worst happened, you will be okay. You may even say to yourself ‘I am guided, I am supported, I will be okay.’”

What energy themes can we expect in 2019 to bring us into abundance?

“My feeling has been the past few years have been years of preparation involving a lot of inner work, letting go and getting clarity of what we wanted. Now in 2019 it feels like it’s saying: ‘‘Right you’re ready now’ and the energy is supporting us to move forward.
“I feel a lighter and higher vibration coming through – with ‘play’ as a key theme, along with ‘feminine energy.’ Play is a wonderful theme as it’s a key part of manifestation, the more you play and radiate the energy of joy and abundance (the highest vibrations), the more your heart feels content and that makes you magnetic, attracting ultimately everything you want with a sense of fun, love and fulfilment. So I sense this is the year to enjoy, create from a place of joy and a pivotal part of that will be relationships. Relationships help open and activate our hearts from a place of ease rather than hard work.”

“In terms of the feminine energy, I think there’s an interesting shift occurring with more women as we begin to step out from ‘action only’ or the ‘hustle’ which has a masculine energy into it, and instead start to feel into our intuition and heart as a place of pleasure and joy. This feminine energy is magnetic and it allows us to move with ease and flow and enjoy a pleasure filled life while achieving everything we desire.”

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