What You Can Do Everyday To Help Balance Your Hormones

Mindfulness and self-care are key.

balance hormones

We’re nixing sugar, consuming an abundance of healthy fats and greens and working with professionals in an attempt to bring our haywire hormones back into balance. Maybe you’re dealing with PCOS, trying to heal your system after years of taking the contraceptive pill, or have been through a hella stressful time lately, and your endocrine system is paying the price.

Whatever the cause, there are a range of simple lifestyle factors that you should be incorporating into your daily routine to address hormone imbalances.

Put it this way; if you’re stressed AF and not moving your body, your hormones are unlikely to come into harmony even if you’re fastidious about your hormone-friendly diet.

Here are 4 lifestyle habits and rituals that will help balance your hormones:

1. Reduce stress

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Arguably the biggest toxin of all, stress is sending your hormones into a state of complete disarray. There are a host of ways that stress can impact your hormones; like making you more likely to make poor food choices which sends your blood sugar levels, then hormones outta whack. Also, stress increases the amount of sex hormone binding globulin; the vehicle that transports testosterone and oestrogen around the body, which means that less of these hormones are available to your cells. Basically, stress is the hormone-balancing devil; and one that is so often overlooked.

Bridge the gap between feeling overwhelmed and feeling empowered by downloading a guided meditation app, and committing to just ten minutes a day to create space in your mind. Headspace is a favourite amongst mental health professionals.

2. Biohack your eating habits

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We’re all for a cheeky spot of biohacking around these parts, and you’d better believe that you can  bio hack with your hormones in mind. Although everyone’s hormone imbalances are different, when it comes to what you should eat in order to balance them, it’s pretty one dimensional. Fuelling your body with greens, beets, avocado, coconut oil, fermented foods and a whole heap of protein, fat and fibre is the first step in tackling your hormone imbalance. (And just while we’re here, we’re going to lecture you on the importance of H2o just one more time. Then we’ll stop. Maybe. Drink your god damn water ladies!). Try biohacking tricks like intermittent fasting, eating your lightest meal at dinner or drinking smoothies for breakfast to see how you can feel your best, stat.

3. Move mindfully

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And before your sign up for six weeks of bootcamps, spare a little thought for your poor little cortisol levels. As great as those high intensity workouts can be for weight loss, they do tend to wreak havoc on an already-fraught nervous system which in turn, sends cortisol levels sky-rocketing. Try power yoga if you’re looking for a sweaty workout that simultaneously soothes, or chocolate yoga if you’re looking for a mindful workout that involves chomping delicious chocolate. (And yes you read that right, chocolate yoga is a thing. You’re welcome.)

4.Try essential oils

essential oils stress anxiety
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Aside from making your home smell like a classy yoga studio, essential oils can actually work wonders in bringing your hormones into balance. You can diffuse ‘em, or mix ‘em to create a serum that you can apply topically to your neck. Oils like clary sage, lavender evening primrose, thyme and geranium have great hormone-balancing properties, and they’re a great way of showing your self some love and self care.

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