Chocolate Yoga Is The Delicious New Wellness Trend You're Going To Want To Try

It combines our two favourite things!

chocolate yoga
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Fact: Eating chocolate makes you happier and calmer, by encouraging your brain to produce serotonin dopamine. Also a fact: yoga and meditation activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you cope with the stresses of everyday life. So, it makes sense that by combining these things, you’d create the ultimate way to bliss out.
That’s exactly what London-based chocolate company, Love Cocoa, are doing. They’ve joined forces with British yoga instructor, Guzel Murselimova, to create a 90-minute chocolate yoga meditation and restorative yoga practice.
“There are many parallels [between chocolate and yoga] — from experiencing a naturally elevated mood after indulging in a piece of delicious chocolate, to the feeling of lightness and radiance after a restorative yoga practice,” Mursalimova says. “For me, mindful movement, power of breath, and organic vegan chocolate are a perfect match.”

What does chocolate yoga involve, exactly?

The class itself is split into two parts. During the first half, participants practice mindfulness while eating a decadent, vegan chocolate bar. Mursalimova coaches the yogis focus on the taste and sensations of eating the delicious treat.
“It is a common meditation technique — to focus your attention on one point, object or feeling,” Mursalimova told Brit + Co. “For example, you could focus your attention on brushing your teeth or sipping some water. I chose chocolate because I love it, but often I remember eating only the first piece, and maybe the last, but not everything in between. Chocolate meditation allows us to experience the broad spectrum of taste sensations and enjoy every piece.”
The second half of the class is more like your traditional yoga class. Participants are guided through a restorative yoga class paired with essential oils, designed to “soften and relax your muscles” and leave you “feeling a little lighter, more mobile and completely blissed out.”

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