Get "SweatWorking" With Your Friends to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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February is here, and that means one thing: we’re hitting that perfect timing where our New Year’s resolutions are likely going out the window and joining the ambitious resolutions of years past. But if you’re looking to break past that “Fitness Cliff” (which, this year, falls on February 9th), there’s a new app that’ll help you stick with your goals. SweatWorking has officially launched and it’s aiming to help you reach that goal you set on January 1st — and keep it for the entire year.
The accountability-based “social fitness” app was created by Jeana Anderson Cohen, the CEO and founder of ASweatLife and its main purpose it to help you break past that “Fitness Cliff.” And no workout studio is required.

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The beauty of the app is that it gives you an extra layer of accountability, thanks to your friends. As the company notes, 82 percent of people say they are more likely to try a new workout if a they do it with a friend. And having your friends keep you accountable (and gently nudge you to actually follow through on your fitness promise) is what’ll keep you coming back to the mat, time and time again.
Because its app-based, you can get your long-distance bff involved, as well, and the app lets you create your own fitness journey — with the instructors you choose and the classes that fit your own busy schedule — whether its through video, audio, or images.
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“We like to think of ourselves as the Etsy of the fitness world, taking a more grass roots approach to fitness,” says Anderson Cohen. “We’ve created a marketplace where everybody wins and both the trainers and trainees are empowered to both take control and have fun with their journey. This competition is designed to show our new users that variety and community can really create the accountability to help you stick with it.”
With each week, you’ll have three workouts (that alternate between HIIT, strength, and yoga), and one meditation class. All sessions are under 30 minutes (and meditation is a quick five), and you only need a couple things from your home gym: a yoga mat and a pair of dumbbells.
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If you complete the challenges, you’ll be entered into a weekly $50 raffle. The winner of the whole challenge will walk away with a pair of Apple AirPods.
That means you can work out, with your friends, and come away with some serious swag.
That’s enough to convince us to keep that resolution.

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