The 9 Best Foods To Eat To Balance Your Hormones

Here's what to munch on when your hormones go haywire.

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Our hormones are pesky things, aren’t they? From puberty to pregnancy and menopause, they take us on some pretty wild rides over the years. They also happen to be rather temperamental, affected by everything from sleep to stress, The Pill and even exercise! With everything our hormones put us through, it’s hardly surprising that us ladies can go from zen AF to ‘crying on the lounge while watching a tissue commercial’ within a matter of minutes. Thankfully, there are a few natural ways you can balance your hormones (and as a result, your mood) — and they involve eating! Read on for the best foods to add to your plate to get your hormones under control.


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Let’s be honest, we don’t really need another excuse to nosh on this delicious, spreadable food. But thanks to being a fantastic source of healthy fat and rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium and folic acid, avo also happens to be one of the best hormone balancing foods out there!


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This spice is having a serious moment right now, thanks to being the starring ingredient in golden mylk lattesNot only does turmeric have a proven anti-inflammatory effect, it’s high in the compound curcumin — which mimics oestrogen and balances the hormones. Add some to your curries or smoothies to reap the benefits!

Coconut oil

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Apart from being one of the most versatile products ever (you can eat it, cook with it, take your makeup off with it and put it in your hair!) coconut oil is also great for stabilising your hormones. This is because it is high in lauric acid, which has been shown to assist with hormone production.


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We’ve written before about the amazing things adaptogens can do for your hormones — and maca is up there with the best. The root is used to help treat all sorts of hormonal issues, including PMS, low libido and hot flashes during menopause. Not only is it rich in health-boosting minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium, it’s also packed with hormone balancing plant sterols.


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Eggs seem like an unlikely candidate, but the yolks are rich in vitamins like iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and choline — all of which play an important role in balancing your hormones. They’re also high in iodine, which is essential for the production of healthy thyroid hormones.

Chia seeds

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These tiny seeds pack a serious punch when it comes to stabilising your hormones. They’re believed to have the highest amount of hormone balancing omega 3 fatty acids per gram, as well as the highest amount of fibre — so, you get all the hormone balancing benefits with hardly any kilojoules!


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Speaking of omega 3 fatty acids, it’s no secret that salmon dominates in that department. For this reason, the oily fish is a great choice when it comes to stabilising your mood when your hormones go haywire.


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This cruciferous veggie contains oestrogen-balancing molecules sulforaphane and DIM. It’s also full of blood-sugar stabilising fibre, making it perfect for warding off cravings during that time of the month.


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Dried plums, also known as prunes, have been proven to help balance oestrogen levels and encourage a more regular menstrual cycle. Be careful not to go overboard though, as they’re also a natural laxative!

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