Need More Energy To Get Through Life? Jessica Sepel Swears By These 6 Things

They can make a HUGE difference.

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Like many of you, we often turn to nutritionist Jessica Sepel (@jshealth) for inspo on what to eat, what to cook and all-round general tips on how to live a healthy and balanced life.
Known for her super easy and realistic recipes (we’re slowly but surely making our through them!), Jess has made it her mission to teach women all around the world that it is in fact, the simple things that really make a difference when it comes to achieving optimum wellness.
Just recently, she launched her brand new JSHealth Hair + Energy Vitamins (we’re currently trialling and loving, so watch this space!) which are scientifically formulated using two essential minerals–iodine and zinc–both of which are hard to obtain from diet alone.
The iodine is derived from kelp seaweed, carefully and sustainably sourced from Tasmania. “This assists in the functioning of thyroid hormones T3 and T4 which regulate basal metabolism in the body, and in turn supports energy production,” explains Jess. Zinc on the other hand is an essential trace mineral used to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, and is also great for keeping your immune system in check.
In addition to recommending a daily supplement to help you on your way to feeling your best, here are Jess’s top tips on boosting your energy levels naturally:

Prioritise rest

“That means getting eight hours of sleep each night, if you can. I truly believe something as simple as sleep can solve so many problems.’

Eat well and often:

“Enjoy a high-quality protein at each meal to stabilise your blood sugars and maintain stable energy levels throughout the day. Also, try to enjoy regular meals and snacks made with nutrient-dense foods such as dark, leafy greens, legumes, nuts, chicken and meat.”

Go into the JSHealth Stress-Free Zone (‘SFZ’)

“It’s a must! Enjoy 20 to 30 minutes of solitude each day. Try going for a walk, reading a book, doing meditation, stretching or just lying on the grass. No phone, no laptop. Heaven.”

Ditch refined carbs and sugar

“They can mess with your blood-sugar levels, leading you to crash, burn and be left with next to no energy.”

Exercise regularly

“As long as you’re not doing too much HIIT, movement is great for fighting fatigue. It gets the blood pumping and endorphins going–which are fab for boosting your mood and energy. If you’re tired, opt for yoga or brisk walking and be proud of yourself for making that gentler choice.”

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