How To Create Your Own Crystal-Charged Bath To Relax & Recharge

De-stress, calm, and bathe your way to relaxation.

crystal bath
Image courtesy of Energy Muse

After a tough, seemingly endless day, the bathtub is a cozy and comfortable place where you can have much, much-needed “me time.” Now pair that bath with crystals — and power up a crystal bath — and we’re talking serious relaxation and recharging for whatever may come next.
The co-founders of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, are industry leaders in healing crystals, and we recently caught up with them to learn how to crystalize your night time bath routine to really maximize your health.

“The high vibrational energy that crystals carry make them perfect for incorporating into the bath,” the forces behind Energy Muse tell Amodrn. “When you’re looking to wash away stress and soak in some calming vibes, here’s how to create our favorite crystal-charged bath to relax and recharge.”
crystal bath
Image courtesy of Energy Muse

The crystals you’ll need:

  • 2-4 Himalayan Salt Rocks in the water for an energetically detoxifying, purifying and rejuvenating bath. These salt rocks can help to regulate sleep and relieve stress.
  • 1 Amethyst crystal for peace and relaxation.

How to set the scene for your crystal bath:

“When taking a bath, it’s always nice to create a relaxing environment to enhance the calming and relaxing vibes,” the founders of Energy Muse suggest.

crystal bath
Image courtesy of Energy Muse

“Pick one of your favorite essential oils and light a candle in your Selenite candle holder (just make sure not to place your candle too close to the water). You can even throw some fresh rose pedals over the top of the bath to make it extra luxurious. And don’t forget to bring a bottle or glass of water with you to stay hydrated!”

Time to get in the bath:

Follow these tips, directly from Energy Muse on how to properly and most efficiently get the benefits from your crystal bath:
1. Fill your bathtub with 4 to 5 inches of water, and then add your Himalayan salt rocks and stir the water around until the salt rocks dissolve. Then, fill the tub up fully.
2. Place your Amethyst crystal at top of the bath by your head. Sit in the bath, fully submerged, for 15-20 minutes to allow the benefits of the bath to sink in.
3. Let the salt rocks and the Amethyst crystal envelop you in relaxing, rejuvenating and peace-inducing vibes so that when you emerge from the bath you feel like a new you!
Note: These baths can be fairly intense, so take it easy for 20-30 minutes after you get out and make sure to rehydrate.

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