Equinox Launches Treadmill-Only Studio In NYC, Devoted Entirely To Precision Run

Don't walk, run!

Equinox Precision Labs
Image via Equinox

Race training or building up your miles? Equinox is here to improve your game and mile time. The company has just announced that it’s opening standalone studios dedicated entirely to its signature Precision Run program, starting with its New York City location this spring.
From first-timers to serious runners, the company’s Precision Run group fitness class has been picking up speed (of course, pun intended) since it first launched and developed by Creative Director David Siik in 2014, and it’s now getting exclusive treatment in the new Flatiron neighborhood studio.

Equinox Precision Labs
Image via Equinox

“When Precision Run launched as a group fitness program, Equinox recognized immediately, based on member feedback, that we’d architected the renaissance of treadmill running and created a new indoor cardio category entirely,” Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman, Managing Partner, Equinox, says. “Precision Run, unlike any other group fitness offering we’ve seen, is powerful in its ability to democratize, demystify and disrupt a sport completely, so we recognize how impactful it will be to make the format available even more widely.”
The workout, which combines scientific methodology with the art of treadmill running into a method known as Balanced Interval Training Experience (BITE) makes each workout personalized and record-reaching. Each session is designed to give you your ideal one-minute personal record (PR) that you can then improve upon in later workouts.
Equinox Precision Labs
Image via Equinox

The Woodway treadmills and a user-friendly dashboard that displays all of your significant metrics learn about your power as you run, helping you reach speed and incline milestones and beat-blasting music—at the ideal BPM— is there to keep you on pace with goals.
“I designed Precision Run as a fun and intensely engaging program that turns the notion of traditional treadmill training on its head and finally collides the spirit and sport of running into a pure and authentic running experience,” Siik announced in a release. “We’ve built a diverse community of lovers and haters of running, who come run with us week after week for the quality and the content, always seeking progress. Our runners dare to be motivated by great programming above all else and our promise is to always deliver on that.”
Equinox Precision Labs
Image via Equinox

The studio, which opens at 12 W. 21st Street will feature the 50-minute Precision Run classes, and will even include a CBD-infused water bar to help you properly refresh post-workout.
FYI, LA-based runners: you’ll be seeing a similar location later in 2019.
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