Miranda Kerr On Beauty, Business & Being A Boss

The model and mogul gets real about life in and out of the boardroom.

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Miranda Kerr is one of Australia’s greatest exports. Currently pregnant with her third child, the former supermodel now resides in LA where she lives with husband and Snapchat founder, Evan Spiegel. Here, you’ll find her playing the role of dedicated mum all whilst running an empire of her own.
The clean beauty mogul launched her natural skincare brand, KORA Organics, in 2009 and is now best known for her love of all things wellness—often snapped clutching crystals, spending time amongst nature and practising mindfulness and meditation (often three times a day).
We wanted to know more about the daily rituals she swears by, the secrets behind her glowing skin and let’s not forget her ability to navigate a boardroom as a highly successful businesswoman…

What are some spiritual practices you incorporate in your everyday life and how does this translate to your skincare range?

In creating KORA Organics, I was inspired to take a holistic approach to overall wellness—the connection of the mind, body and skin, to the power of using uplifting crystals (all of our products are filtered through Rose Quartz crystals in the manufacturing process), the use of positive affirmation (there is a positive affirmation on the back of each product) and the benefits of aromatherapy.
Our brand philosophy is to; Feed your MIND with positive affirmations and self-love; Feed your BODY with the nutrients it needs to function at its best and Feed your SKIN with products to help detoxify, nourish and revitalize.

miranda kerr
Image via Instagram user @mirandakerr

As the founder of Kora Organics, what is your number 1 confidence tip for navigating a boardroom meeting?

Preparation, practice and passion! You need to be well prepared—if you are prepared and well versed on what you are presenting it will come across and your content will flow.
Be prepared to be challenged, do your homework and try and foresee any potential points of contention should they come up. If you are prepared to be challenged it won’t take you off guard. When presenting, I also think it’s important to spend more time talking about the future rather than focus on the past—for instance, I like a summary slide of what we’ve done in the past, what worked and what could be improved on, and then I like to focus the remainder of the presentation on future strategy, ideas and concepts.
Practice. Run through your presentation a few times and practice with friends or family to build your confidence. Be active and passionate and not passive, get involved and share your ideas and thoughts. Follow up is also important, an email outlining the key takeaways and action points is a great way to wrap-up the meeting.

Can you share with us your morning and night-time wellness rituals that set you up for a positive day and help you wind down of an evening?

I usually wake up around 5:30 am when my husband gets up. This gives me a chance to do a meditation while he is in the shower and the kids are still asleep.
Regular meditation helps me to stay calm and centred. I meditate at least three times a day—morning, night and at some stage during the day when I can fit it in between meetings. In the morning it helps me to set my intention for the day, so I start the day with a positive mindset, during the day it helps me re-center and re-focus so I can best navigate through any challenges, and at night it’s great to let go of the day and unwind for a deep restful sleep. 

miranda kerr
Image via Instagram user @mirandakerr

My skincare routine is also an important part of my wellness routine, I keep it clean and simple—focusing on the overall health of my skin! Before I shower of a morning, I dry body brush all over, it’s a great way to get the circulation going and remove any dead skin cells.
In the morning I use; the KORA Organics Foaming Cleanser, it’s a soap-free cleanser containing Noni Extract, Green Tea and Aloe Vera to gently cleanse without drying or stripping the skin of its natural oils. After cleansing I use the Energising Citrus Mist to tone my skin and as its name suggests it also has really uplifting aromatherapy benefits of Lemongrass and Mandarin essential oils to awakens the senses and invigorate your skin. Next, I apply the Noni Radiant Eye Oil.  Then I add a few drops of Noni Glow Face Oil to a few pumps of the Hydrating Moisturizer and apply over my face, neck and décolletage. 
I’m obsessed with our Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating 2 in 1 mask and use it 3-4 times a week as facial scrub and mini mask.  It’s like an at-home facial in a tube as it brightens, deeply cleanses, reduces any inflammation and evens skin tone. I love to use it in the shower in the mornings as the peppermint aromatherapy is so invigorating and uplifting. It contains the naturally active AHAs of Papaya Enzymes and Aspen Bark to promote skin cell turnover and the Rosehip Seeds and Quartz particles provide a deep physical exfoliation.
In the evenings I double cleanse using the Cream Cleanser—it’s very nourishing and soothing on the skin as it contains Aloe Vera, Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oil, (an awesome cleanser to gently remove makeup) I swap out the Energising Mist for the Calming Lavender Mist (I also spritz this on my pillow before going to sleep), then follow with the remainder of my routine (Noni Radiant Eye Oil, Noni Glow Face Oil and Hydrating Cream).
miranda kerr
Image via Instagram user @mirandakerr

Every other night, I apply my new Noni Glow Sleeping Mask, it’s a multitasking overnight face mask that’s more hydrating and restorative than a regular night cream. It contains Silver Ear Mushroom, Coconut Milk, Caviar Lime, Kakadu Plum and natural hyaluronic acid, which really plumps the skin, softens fine lines, reduces redness and inflammation, improves cell renewal, tone and texture and boosts radiance and luminosity. I love the difference it’s making to my skin! I use it as the last step in my routine before I go to bed and there’s no need to wash it off until the morning. Because it dries as a translucent veil, it locks in the moisture and won’t rub off on your pillow.
Another step to my morning and evening beauty routine is our heart-shaped Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor, which harnesses the ancient healing technique known as gua sha. It’s a rose quartz heart-shaped stone used massage your face and neck to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness while lifting, toning and sculpting your face. I use this technique daily for a 5-minute facial massage with the Noni Glow Face Oil as it also helps it absorb deeper into your skin.

What does your typical day on a plate look like?

I love to cook and to share meals with family and friends… the kitchen is the heart of our home and where we all naturally congregate. 
In the morning, I like to start the day with cold-pressed celery juice (on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast) then breakfast at the moment is either oats (porridge) or avocado on toast. Mid-morning I have a smoothie, and for lunch, I like to keep it light with a healthy salad with a protein.
I have two dinners, one with the kids and then I sit and eat again when Evan gets home… LOL, I am eating for two! One of my favourite dinner dishes is my slow roast organic chicken with turmeric, lemon and garlic… it holds a special place in my heart because I cooked it and served it at my wedding to my husband because I wanted to cook his first meal as his wife. Get the recipe here.
I’m pregnant at the moment and am constantly snacking on lots of apples—they really help with my morning sickness. 

What does your fitness routine currently look like now that you’re pregnant? 

The last few weeks I have stopped my regular exercise routine and am taking it easy as I’m on bedrest. The most important thing is to listen to your body and what it needs. 
Miranda Kerr is a speaker at the Business Chicks 9 To Thrive Summit in Sydney. To book tickets, click here.

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