Why Learning About The Orgasm Gap Will Skyrocket Your Sex Life

...the sex ed talk we should have been given at school!

When it comes to getting lucky in the bedroom… it’s safe to say that more often than not it’s the guy who get the better end of the deal when it comes to sex… (well at least in a hetero relationship).
And there’s even an official word for it—the orgasm gap.
For far too long women have placed their partner’s needs above their own in the bedroom, which as a result has neglected us of the good stuff and leading to what’s now known by science as the ‘orgasm gap.’
And according to science it’s a legitimate concern, with 95 per cent of heterosexual men reaching orgasm after every sexual encounter, and women only 65 per cent of the time.
So. not. okay.

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But thanks to science and their awareness of this blindingly unfair stat, they’ve now managed to address the concern, by looking more into the benefits of understanding the orgasm gap.
In the study published in the Journal of Sexual Education, researchers looked into whether teaching female participants about the orgasm gap and offering them classes on sexuality and psychology beforehand could boost their sex lives.
And let’s just say the results were… AHHHmazing. Not only did the 271 women involved report a clear improvement in sexual functioning after learning about the orgasm gap and sex, but they experienced more and better orgasms, felt more entitled to sexual pleasure during sex and communicated more to their parter during sex.
Can we get a hallelujah?
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Plus, bedroom antics aside, women reported feeling more confident in their own skin, more comfortable advocating for their own pleasure, happier with their genitals and less-phased about their performance anxiety or how they looked during sex. Goodbye hang ups!
So moral of the story, if you’re looking to fast track your way to O-Town not just once but everrrrytime, then forget the basic sex ed you learnt at school and remember these two key things instead: firstly that you’re a sex goddess that doesn’t deserve to fall prey to the orgasm gap and also, by getting a little familiar with what feels good you will empower yourself for a lifetime—in and out of the bedroom!

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