13 Highly Successful Women Share Their Morning Rituals

How these female entrepreneurs start their day.

morning rituals of highly successful women

When it comes to the wellness routines of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs, there’s no denying their morning rituals come with a sort of voyeurism up there with wanting to know what’s in people’s fridges.

From Richard Branson’s famous 5am kite-surfing session to Oprah’s ability to ’visualise her wake up time’ (and achieve it, sans alarm!), it’s so intriguing learning about why people do what they do and how it helps them get ahead in life.

And the truth is, we’re kind of hardwired to want to know. Why? Because studies show when we’re inspired it not only elevates our positivity, makes us feel more creative and open to new experiences and driven to master our work.

Which means whether you’re a creative, a corporate or founder of your own company, indulging in a little inspiring voyeurism—in this case through the morning rituals of leading women in the wellness space—it’s worth soaking in all of their wake up wisdom.

We’ve reached out to some of the most inspiring wellness women in the biz in the hope to shed a little light into what a successful morning ritual can look like. Read on for their daily routines below…

1. Lorna Jane—Founder of Activewear Brand,  Lorna Jane 

morning rituals lorna jane
“I’m a true believer that what we do on a daily basis set us up for success which is why I wake at 5am every morning as it allows me time to start the day without feeling rushed. I then spend 10 minutes meditating which brings clarity and allows me to work out what the most important focus of the day will be, then I exercise. Whether it’s strength training, yoga, Pilates or walking my dog Roger, a morning workout always fills me with energy and positivity for the day!”

2.Carla Oates—Founder of Beauty Supplement Brand, The Beauty Chef

morning rituals the beauty chef
“For me, walking is my meditation and helps me stay balanced as a business owner. My mind can be full of thoughts, problems and ideas and so by the end of the walk, I often have solutions, and a sense of resolve and calm. It’s almost like a natural filing system for my brain and an activity that is both calming and energising.”

3. Kirsten Shanks—Founder of Juice and Elixir Dispensary, Orchard St

morning rituals
“As a naturopath with a deep reverence for plants, herbal medicines feature strongly throughout my daily routine. If I have a big morning of cerebral work required, I whip up a turmeric or matcha elixir with Vitality Powder and a good dose of Lion’s Mane mushroom – a true cognition enhancing tonic! If I still yearn a coffee kick I will add an adaptogenic formula such as our Bliss elixir powder that offers adrenal support, takes the edge of caffeine and provides a gentle and sustaining energy boost.”

4. Alexandra Dantzig—Founder of Fitness App, JetSweat

morning rituals
“Drinking water is the first thing I do when I wake, as I’m often dehydrated which always results in grogginess or headaches. I then aim for at least five minutes of a JETSWEAT workout every morning. If I’m stiff I do yoga in the bedroom, if I’m energetic or indulged the night before I’ll do a full body sculpt in the lounge room or if stressed or anxious about the day ahead I will do a short meditation at the foot of my bed. The morning hours are so important for a positive day at work and often my biggest problem is time so just getting in a short session at home lets me maximise a small window of time.”

5. Kristina Karlsson—Founder of Stationery Brand,Kikki K

morning rituals kikki k
“I wake at 5am every morning as it gives me the time to think, read, write, dream, be inspired and exercise all before the rest of the family wake up and day-to-day life starts. Once up, my favourite thing to start with is writing in my gratitude journal. It allows me to reflect and enjoy the little things in life which I believe is so important because they’re often the big things. By putting pen to paper it gets the ball rolling and is the perfect start to making those big dreams a part of a daily goal setting ritual.”

6. Bianca Cheah—Founder of  Wellness Website, Amodrn

morning rituals
“Every morning I take my dog Sporte for a 20-minute walk. It’s his favourite part of the day and my favourite time to practice pranayama breathing. It’s Spring here in LA so I love inhaling the fresh dewy morning smell of jasmine, grass, toast and coffee. It feels so good to breathe in fresh air first thing in the morning and it really sets me up for whatever the day will bring.”

7. Jeannie Bourke—Founder of Luxury Spa and Skincare Label, Venustus

successful women morning rituals
Image: Jeannie Bourke

Every day I wake at 4:30am, reach over to a crystal and say to myself: ‘I am grateful I can see. I am grateful I can hear. I am grateful for this amazing body. I am grateful for Gary next to me and Zac in the other room. I am grateful for the puppies, the rooster and chickens in my yard. I am grateful for living in this beautiful country. I am grateful for being a free woman and being able to do whatever I want.’ I then place a warm flannel with essential oil over my face, inhale, exhale, spray a mist on face and neck, read the intentions on my bathroom wall then and lay on the hammock in the backyard, looking up at the stars. When I arrive at work, I will do a sage then Palo Santo smudging on myself and the entire space then put on oil burners with lavender essential oil.”

8. Anthia Koullouros—Founder of Organic Tea Brand, OVVIO Organics

morning rituals
“I always start the day with an organic elixir. The alchemist in me likes to experiment with flavours and use it as therapy depending on the weather. Some days it’s a Liberating Energy Tea with raw cacao for a pick me up, other days a Golden Turmeric Latte steeped in hot almond milk for a warming, circulatory and anti-inflammatory elixir. By incorporating adaptogens they activate the parasympathetic nervous system and bring me back to presence, allowing focus on the tasks at hand for the day, whether it’s seeing patients or managing the team. I then practise Vedic meditation in a little nook in the corner of my office . Meditating for 20 minutes always helps me come back to my inner purpose which I believe is vital. Your external world is a reflection of internal world,  so what you do each day must reflect your state of ‘being’.”

9. Katia Santilli—Founder of Activewear label, Nimble Activewear

morning rituals
“I always get up early to exercise (yoga, Pilates or HIIT) as I find I get caught up in the office in the evenings. By getting the endorphins going it prepare me for a busy day especially if I am working on a new collection or have a particularly difficult problem to solve, exercising always seems to boost my creativity and brain power. As part of that, I also pre-plan my work outfit the night before so I don’t waste precious minutes running around trying to piece an outfit together. It helps me get in the right headspace for my day ahead.”

10. Rebecca Veksler—Founder of  Sustainable Coffee Cup Brand, SoL Cups

morning rituals sol cups
“Morning time is my commitment to personal happiness. Running a business takes a toll on your physical and mental health, so if you want your business to succeed, you need to be your best self. My go-to is a glass of warm water with lemon or bone broth (if I’m low in immunity) then I head to Bondi Beach for a soft sand walk or run, dive in the ocean and a mini meditation. It’s my time to reflect, energise and reset before business mode switches on. When I’m feeling energised my business automatically transcends the same energy. Your team notices it, your clients adore it and your motivation for yourself and your success blooms.

11. Alison Cotton: Founder of Activewear Label, First Base

morning rituals ali cotton
“I’m a big believer in dressing for the day you want. How you present yourself makes a huge difference in how you feel and how others receive you. I’ll add a blazer and serious jewellery if I am taking meetings, it sets the tone and that I mean business…and it also scares my staff a bit which I quite enjoy! I’ve found on the occasions I have upped my look with heels or power pants I have been able to negotiate a situation successfully that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve if I was in ripped denim and slides. In business and life you have to put your best foot forward and if you’re not sure how to do that, fake it till you make it.”

12. Yolanda Powell—Design Director of Activewear Brand, Running Bare

morning rituals lorna jane
“My Monday workout ritual always sweats out the weekend and provides the perfect detox to start the week. I will start with a cardio focus doing runs, hills and stairs, weights or boxing/kick boxing and Pilates later in the week to stretch and tone. Exercise is therapy for me, it’s an hour out of the day that’s just mine without my phone or kids. It clear my mind, helps me deal with stress, and set me up for the day before there are too many excuses and things that get in the way.”

13. Natalia Benson—Life Coach and Founder of e-Course, 7 Weeks to SELF LOVE

natalia benson morning rituals
“I start my morning taking something positive, either a Wayne Dyer Affirmation or a 10 minute meditation on Calm. I then will visualise my life goals and do a Lakshmi mantra 108 times on a mala necklace. Lakshmi is the diety that supports prosperity, wealth and zest for life and is chanted as – ‘Ohm Shreem Maha Lakshmi-ya Swaha.’ I started the Lakshmi mantra when I first hired an assistant and wanted to make sure I could cover her and a big move I had planned for the business. When I looked at my books later on, I noticed in the first three months  of chanting it my income and deposits had quadrupled! I encourage anyone with big plans or desiring more ease in the realm of finances to work with her energy.”

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