10 apps to help you sleep, remain calm & stress less

Sleep, remain calm and stress less

Stress and sleep go hand in hand; if we have one, it’s unlikely we are getting much of the other.
In today’s fast-paced, technologically-driven world, we are slowly being sucked into society’s black hole of electronic devices – unable to watch Netflix without checking Facebook and uploading an Instagram at the same time – making it more and more difficult to stop, relax, unwind and catch up on that much-needed shut-eye.
If nourishing your mind is high up on that list of ‘new year, new you’ resolutions (and has been for years), why not use the devices we can’t put down to do just that by trying one of these apps designed to help you to sleep, remain calm and stress less?

10 apps to make you positive, confident and well-rested

For meditation

The App: Headspace

Headspace app, meditation app
How it works: Headspace makes meditation more accessible with 10 short guided meditations, a personalized progress page and reminders to help keep you on track.
We love: meditations can range from two to 60 minutes to suit your lifestyle. Plus they have super cute graphics.

For your daily health and fitness fix

The App: Amodrn App

Amodrn app, health and fitness app
How it works: Experience the very latest fitness, health, wellbeing, fashion, trends, beauty, and travel articles, fresh every day, without the hassle of loading your internet browser on your phone.
We love: everything! While we may be biased, we love that the app makes it even easier to stay up-to-date, share articles and shop the latest products straight from the palm of your hand.

For sleeping & relaxation

The App: Relax Melodies

relaxation apps, sleep apps
How it works: One of the more popular sleeping tools, this app reverts to the traditional sleeping aids of gentle sounds and melodies. With a seemingly limitless collection of sleep tracks, the app allows the user to design their own mix including soft waves, tweeting forests, classical music and even binaural beats (sounds that are good for the brain). Plus they have tips and articles on sleep to keep you well informed and subsequently well rested.
We love: Relax Melodies lets you share your playlists with other users if you’re in need of some sleep-spiration.

For developing regular sleep patterns

The App: Sleep Genius

Sleep genius. sleep app
How it works: One of the coolest sleeping apps available, Sleep Genius was created to help Astronauts maintain regular sleep patterns. Developed by the world’s leading authorities in neuroscience, sleep, sound and music, Sleep Genius is a scientifically developed app that tracks your sleep and trains you to sleep properly without having to rely on white noise.
We love: The power nap section of course – It’s amazing how much energy you can get from just 30 minutes of proper sleep. This app is truly ideal for the sleep and time deprived.

For Meditation

The App: 1 Giant Mind

Meditation app, One Giant Mind app
How it works: Stress is the arch nemesis of sleep. 1 Giant Mind was designed by a not-for-profit to encourage people to incorporate meditation into their lives to live a more fulfilling existence, free from the negative impacts of stress. The free app provides 12 simple sessions to have you meditating in no time.
We love: meditation is one of those resolutions we just never seem to get around to. 1 Giant mind’s 12-steps makes meditating as easy as brushing your teeth.

For positivity

The App: I Can Be Anything

Anxiety app
How it works: I Can Be Anything is a series of 12 apps, each providing audio sessions to promote positivity and combat fear, anxiety, stress and more. All you have to do is listen to an audio session once a day for two weeks and you’ll create new neural pathways in the brain, teaching yourself to learn new habits, change old ones and strengthening your overall sense of self.
We love: the specifically tailored apps. From ‘I Can Be Confident’ to ‘I Can Be Great In Bed’ and even, ‘I Can Be In Control Of My Pregnancy,’ there really is an app to meet every concern.

For insomnia

The App: Yoga For Insomnia

Insomnia app
How it works: Yoga for insomnia promotes mindfulness as a peaceful alternative to sleeping pills and other sleep enablers by offering a super easy guided ‘Hatha Yoga’ platform at the touch of a button.
We love: it has a super easy interface and is just another excuse to fit in a yoga session.

For anxiety

The App: Worry Watch

Worry Watch, anxiety app
How it works: Worry Watch is a password-protected app that allows you to journal your worries in the moment and revisit them later to note whether or not the outcome was as bad as the worry.
We love: the next time you experience anxiety, the app will run a report as a reminder that the actual outcome is rarely as bad as the worry.

For Calmness

The App: Calm

Calm app, relaxation app
How it works: Calm helps make meditation easy with a selection of guided sessions that range from two to 20 minutes. It also includes 10 ‘immersive nature scenes’ to aid in the relaxation process.
We love: Calm comes with a beautiful book full of mantras, positivity and direction to accompany the app on your journey to a calmer, more confident self. Buy it here.

For waking up

The App: Sleep Cycle

sleep apps, sleep cycle alarm clock
How it works: Waking up easy is all about timing. Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally, without an alarm clock.
We love: It’s been described by The Guardian as being, “so gentle and lovely it feels like being woken up by a mermaid stroking your hair or a unicorn nuzzling your toes” – need we say more?

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