7 Gorgeous Gratitude Journals You'll Actually *Want* To Write In Every Day

Recently, we wrote about how gratitude journaling can literally make you a better person. Couple this with research that shows it makes you healthier, happier and productive and it becomes clear that this is one ritual that’s worth making part of your daily regime.
The only problem is — these days, we’re all ridiculously busy. We have the best intentions to jot down the things we’re grateful for every morning and night and for a few days, we do. But eventually, life gets in the way and our gratitude journaling falls by the wayside.
The solution? Have a gratitude journal that’s so stunning and eye-catching, you couldn’t forget about it if you tried! Scroll through the gallery for our top picks.

7 gorgeous gratitude journals

I Am Happy I Am Here

These gorgeous journals from Aussie brand, I Am Happy I Am Hereare filled with handy writing prompts to get that gratitude flowing!
Shop the I Am Happy I Am Here journal.

Kikki K Gratitude Journal

Kikki K always comes up with the goods when it comes to pretty yet practical stationary and this journal is no exception! Each day, it prompts you to record three things you’re grateful for.
Shop the Kikki K Gratitude Journal

Frank Gratitude Journal

What are we grateful for? These chic gratitude journals from Frank Stationary! We love that they’re filled with inspiring quotes, as well plenty of space for reflection.
Shop the Frank Stationary Gratitude Journal.

AwesoME Inc Journals

More than just your average gratitude journal, these ones from AwesoME are packed with practical information, words of wisdom, personal challenges and mindfulness exercises.
Shop the AwesoME Inc Gratitude Journals.

Dirty Bandits

We love the stylish simplicity of this gratitude journal, designed by Brooklyn based hand letterer and sign painter, Annica Lydenberg.
Shop the Dirty Bandits Gratitude Journal.

99 Ways Happy Scratch-off Journal Kit

This one is a little different, as it’s a kit of three super cute journals. Each contains quotes, exercises and inspiring ideas as well as interactive scratch-off elements and space for your own thoughts and notes.
Shop the 99 Ways Happy Scratch-off Journal Kit

Best Self Co

It may look a little no-frills compared to the others, but make no mistake — the SELF Journal is the ultimate life companion. It’s a goal-setting tool, life planner and gratitude journal all in one!
Shop the Best Self Co SELF Journal.

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