5 Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

You set your goals and aim to make 2018 your best year yet, but like many New Years resolutioners that have come before us, those goals have been abandoned come mid-February (or ahem, earlier).
Sometimes it may be a case of motivation or not having enough time or falling into the same old trap of ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.
But don’t let your dreams fall apart so quickly! Whether you’re looking to tone up, practice more self-love or learn a new skill – we’ve put together a list of the best apps we could find to help you do so, be it in fitness, work or play.


Kayla Itsines, Sjana Earp, and Kelsey Wells collaborated to create SWEAT, which makes it easier than ever to find a health routine that’ll work with your life and schedule. The app helps you create training plans and meal plans — and includes more than 400 recipes and shopping lists — and helps you track your fitness, hydration, and overall progress throughout the year.


POPiN fitness app
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While New Years’ resolutioners all hit the gym membership offices throughout the country and sign up for those new member plans, if you’re not ready or wanting to commit to a one-location gym, POPiN solves that issue. The app lets you pay only for the time you want to spend in the gym, even minute by minute.
“We sought to create a platform that grants people complete control over their workout routine and fitness budget while giving gyms access to a new customer base,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Dalton Han. “POPiN bridges the gap between commitment-based facilities and health-minded individuals hesitant to be tied into contracts.”


Bumble, the dating app in which the ladies make the first move, offers a “BFF” version, where you match with another potential girlfriend. The app lives within the original Bumble app, and shows you matches and conversations in similar interfaces. You can also check out these other Tinder-like apps that’ll help you find new friends.


wunderlist, wunderst app, to do list app, productivity app
Make organisation your priority with the app that’ll help you create your to-do lists, rank each task by focus, priority level, and amount of time it’ll take to complete. You’re able to categorise all of your daily priorities and keep all your to-dos in one place. Psst… you can also use these other productivity apps to make the most of your time.


One of the top apps of 2017, Calm gives you guided meditation sessions that range anywhere from three to 25 minutes in length and are optimized to fit into your schedule.
Meditation topics include kindness, calming anxiety, managing stress, improving focus, relaxation, and even relationships, so you can get the benefits that most apply to you.
Check out our round-up of other must-have apps for home and beauty and sustainable living.

Deep Sleep Support

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Want to protect your body from bad bacteria that’s causing bloating?


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