6 Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly In 2018

Take ownership of your health and support the environment by becoming more eco-friendly in the way that you approach your beauty routine this year.

Whilst the concept of green beauty can seem overwhelming, expensive and a whole lot of effort, the switch doesn’t have to be done overnight. Incorporating small, sustainable changes into your beauty and wellness routine means that going green never looked so good.

Making straight-forward switches and using double-duty products (some of which you’ll probably find lingering at the back of the kitchen cupboard after you swore blind you’d take up healthy baking) is the easiest way to streamline your routine and make it more sustainable to boot. Here are some of our favourite swaps and hacks to get you started:

Face cloths

Instead of blitzing through cotton pads at a rate of knots, why not cut up a few towels and have yourself a pile of clean face cloths that can be washed and reused? They’re super gentle on the skin and you can cut them up into whatever shape you prefer. 

Stainless steel razors

Switch to a stainless steel safety razor instead of using plastic ones. The blades can be recycled, reducing the impact on the environment and they also provide a cleaner shave with less ingrown hairs. Win, win. 

Pantry staples

Baking soda is great as a weekly teeth-whitening treatment or exfoliating ingredient in homemade face masks, making it an extremely affordable item in every beauty arsenal. Oh, and that giant jar of coconut oil knocking around in the kitchen cupboard? Try oil-pulling with it, or run a small amount through the ends of your hair for an overnight mask. Actually, there’s pretty much nothing one can’t do with coconut oil. Case in point: these ten genius beauty hacks. 

Multi-purpose soaps

Using a multi-use liquid or soap bar is a great way to streamline your routine. Fewer products, less packaging, more space in the cupboard.

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap is a cult favourite in sustainability circles and can be used as a face and body wash as well as a cleaning liquid for pretty much every surface in your home. A go-to for sustainable girls!

Homemade deodorant

We know, we know. Summer is hot and sticky and girls just can’t be dealing with a half-assed deodorant that will only keep them fresh if they sit completely still all day.

The solution? Try mixing a tablespoon of shea butter, a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils then let harden in the fridge. This cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and perfectly sustainable hack will quickly become a mainstay of your beauty routine. Can’t be stuffed? Pick up a natural deodorant like A-kin’s geranium and cedarwood (AU$9.99) or Harmoni’s Kiss lime and lavender (AU$8.95).

Support sustainable skincare and makeup brands

Being sustainable isn’t about giving up the things that make you feel like you, it’s about making sensible, thoughtful swaps that minimise your impact on the planet. Brands like Credo Beauty, Tata Harper and RMS Beauty all offer conscious products that don’t compromise on quality.

If you’re looking for more sustainability inspo in all facets of your life, click here to see which Instagrammers you should be getting social with.

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