Would You Consider Going Vegan This January For Better Health?

Here are the many benefits.

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The first month of the new year often brings diet and lifestyle transformations, and 2018 has seen the rise of Veganuary, a charity focused on motivating others to try out a vegan diet for January and across the rest of the year.
New Year’s Resolutions often focus on our goals to feel and look better (physically and mentally), and Veganuary (with over 120k people worldwide already signed up) offers a solution for both your own health and happiness and that of animals.
A vegan diet (no cheese?!) can seem intimidating (even to vegetarians), so read on below for just some of the perks of going vegan this month:

Your health:

A balanced vegan diet will provide you with all the nutrients you require for a healthy body and mind (confirmed by the FDA?? & Brtiish Dietetic Associations), and it’s an excellent way to experiment with vegetables and vegan sources of protein that you may have normally eschewed for animal products.
If you’ve ever been concerned with your cholesterol levels, vegan might be right for you – cholesterol is only found in animal products, so it’s an easy and beneficial switch (even if it only lasts a month!)

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The Environment:

The process of raising animals as our food requires a lot of water. If you’re enjoy a soy-based burger you’re looking at 158 litres of water used up in production, vs. a massive 4650 litres for a steak, and this is just one of the many environmental benefits of enjoying a vegan diet. Plant-based diets will reduce pollution and GHG emissions, save energy and protect nature, so it’s an all-round win for the planet.
Veganism is kind to the animals and to yourself, and will empower you to incorporate plant-based meals into your everyday routine even after January.

Less calorie-dense:

Plant-based foods are generally less calorie-dense (not the vegan Pringles, though), so bring on the bountiful brown rice, veggies and tofu bowls and pay a visit to some of the must-try vegan restaurants near you.

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Image: LA Confidential

The fun stuff:

For Sydneysiders, Bodhi in the Park offers vegan yum cha and dinner (vegan Peking duck wraps anyone?) in a tranquil environment, and Green Lion Pub in Rozelle will be your go-to for some serious vegan junk food that would convince even the most carnivorous of friends and family.
And if you’re not eating out, it’s now easier than ever to pick up a wide selection of vegan alternatives to your standard grocery items that are clearly labelled. Supermarket chains are responding to the increase in demand for cruelty-free eating, so don’t expect a month of “rabbit food” ahead.
If you’re looking to learn more, browse meal plans and nutrition breakdowns or read up on all the science-backed evidence of a vegan diet, visit veganuary.com.

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