Ashley Graham Swears by This Post-Workout Snack

Image via @theashleygraham

Model Ashley Graham is one of our health heroes. Not only is she a green juice fanatic (she said in a recent interview that her go-to morning blend includes kale, lemon, ginger, beets, apple and parsley) and fearless when it comes to working up a sweat, but she’s also an advocate of all things positive body image. In fact, it’s this real and healthy approach to diet and fitness that sets Graham apart from other models of her calibre.

ashley graham snack
Image via @theashleygraham

Graham regularly shares insight into her intense workout schedule on Instagram, and this week the 30-year-old let us know the exact snack she swears by after exercise: almond butter with apple slices. The Sports Illustrated model posted about her post-workout snack on her Instagram story while traveling home from Dogpound, her gym in New York City; a pack of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter with a few apple slices resting on her lap on a car ride home from the Dogpound, her gym in New York City.

While it’s hardly a revolutionary snack, Graham’s pick is a nutritious one. In fact, as nutritionist and blogger Jacqueline Alwill from The Brown Paper Bag Nutrition told us in a recent interview, nut butters are “wonderfully nutritious”—and almond butter is the healthiest of them all. Specifically, almond butter boasts minerals and benefits that others—such as peanut butter—don’t. “Almonds are one of the richest plant sources of omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamin E, fibre and L-arginine,” Alwill told us, explaining that both L-arginine and vitamin E support the health of our arteries and reduce risk of blood clotting. It’s also an amazing source of essential fats (great for glowing skin), and fuel the body with “plant based amino acids, the building blocks for proteins.”
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