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5 Crystals That Help With Period Pain

We know by now that there's literally a crystal for everything

Are you a crystal addict? Maybe you’re drawn to the beauty of crystals and have a few scattered around the house. Maybe you carry rose quartz to attract love or have a citrine in your wallet to attract abundance. But did you know that these stones are also tools you can use for physical and emotional healing?

I’m a certified crystal healer.

And as a certified crystal healer, I have crystals everywhere and use them for everything, including managing period pain. That’s right; crystals can help alleviate your cramps while creating a sense of calm and peace at an otherwise highly emotional time.

Crystals work on the subtle, energetic body, and by tapping into their frequency through entrainment, we can access their healing power. So, how do crystals work, and what does entrainment mean?

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The long and short of it is that crystals are geometrically perfect (and humans are not), and as such, they can easily maintain their high vibration. Crystals are resistant to entropy, which refers to a tendency to go toward disorder. As humans, we tend towards entropy.

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Entrainment essentially means that, due to their stability, their syntropy (opposite of entropy), and their high-amplitude frequency, crystals will tend to energetically ‘take over’ in a way and supersede the energy around them, raising it to their level. This is where crystal healing comes in. By engaging the entrainment theory, we can raise our vibration to meet that of the crystal we are working with. Pretty cool, right!? I sure think so.

In crystal healing, we can utilize certain crystals by placing them on our bodies to encourage entrainment and raise our energy to meet that of the crystal. So, what are the best ones to pull out when we start cramping up?

1. Moonstone

The ultimate stone for women. It is strongly connected to the feminine moon energy​ and has a gentle energy that is perfect for women’s issues. It’s known for its calming, mood-stabilizing effect and compassionate vibration.

2. Chrysocolla

A vibrant turquoise stone with tranquil energy that helps you accept change from a place of serenity. It also strengthens muscles while alleviating cramps, so it is perfect for PMS.

3. Jet

Like all dark stones, it is known for absorbing negative energy and was traditionally used for cramps as it reduces swelling and heals stomach pain.

4. Magnesite​

A white stone that looks like a brain in its raw form. As the name would suggest, it contains a high level of magnesium and subsequently aids in its absorption in your body. Due to its high magnesium content, it is also the perfect stone to help alleviate muscle cramps due to its relaxant properties.

5. Malachite

Particularly good for menstrual cramps; however, it is a powerful amplifier of both ​positive and negative energy, so only use it if you’re feeling good!

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How do I use them?

  1. I’d suggest having them around you when you’re on your period. If you’re resting in bed, place the crystals on your tummy where you’re experiencing pain. Keep some in your pockets if you have to be out and about. By having the crystals in close contact with your body or directly within your energetic field, the energy of the crystals will entrain your body and get you to work on the energetic level.
  2. Be sure to use tumbled stones and not raw, especially if you are using them directly on your skin, to avoid any irritation.
  3. The next time you feel your period coming on, grab your crystals and place them on your tummy while closing your eyes and focusing your energy on your abdomen. I guarantee you’ll be feeling much calmer in no time!

References from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Passionate about femininity, sensuality, self-love, and the soul, Eleanor Hadley is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, Reiki practitioner, and crystal healer. 

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