august horoscope
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Your Horoscope for the Month of August 2021

Happy Leo season!

Happy August, Amodrn family! We’re gearing up for a spectacular rest of the year to bring us through the end of this climatic and ever-changing year. While many were preparing for the summer of their lives, our universe had a little something else for us in mind. This year is and was supposed to be one that was transformational (2022 is a different story, but we’ll keep you in the loop there), so keep expecting the next few months to continue in the same passion. Mercury is moving into Virgo, so things are going to be revealing the true nature of themselves. Keep reading for more on your August horoscope!

august horoscope
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Your 2021 July Horoscope


Aries, you are a solo traveler most of the time, but this month’s got you feeling like you’d like someone by your side. Whether it be a partner, friend, or family, you’re coming into this upcoming Fall with a renewed sense of your need for connection. Our advice? Embrace it!


If there’s anything we know about you, Taurus, it’s that you tend to overanalyze many things. We know you’re extremely intelligent, but sometimes your gut feeling is enough to go off of. Trust it, and you’ll find a good balance of both.


For you, Gemini, life is all about having different lives to keep the balance going. Between work, social, and personal, there’s a lot of value in maintaining equal parts each. If something is too much for you in either, make sure you take the time to get off the balance every once in a while. You can always come back to these things.


Are you indulging in yourself enough, Cancer? We know you decide your life to making sure others feel good, but maybe it’s time to give yourself a little bit of love. It’s never too much to do this, as it actually makes you a better person in the end.


Sometimes a Leo can feel a little lonely. This is something that creeps up on us all the time, no matter who we are with. Whenever these feelings do arise, you have to tell yourself that they’re not forever. These are things that happen often and can make you overwhelmed. They will go away and you will feel yourself again.


Virgo, we know that this month has been a little tough, but we know you can get through it. Move all of the energy you have into making sure you are taking care of the people you actually care about, not others that don’t care about you.


Libra, how are you feeling in this ever-changing, weird world? Our Earth is going through a transformation and it’s difficult to feel a sense of belonging when nothing is the same, day in and day out. You should feel good about that! Things will calm down soon and a sense of home will reappear soon.


Scorpio, you’re feeling a little bit emotional-less lately, and that’s a little weird for you. Make sure that you are taking time to visit why this is. Whether it be through therapy, meditation, and even a little journaling. Be strong and realize that your emotional nature is strong and powerful, it will be back in your life soon.


If you’re feeling frustrated with your friend group, it might be time to take matters into your own hands. There’s nothing that you can do but rely on yourself sometimes. Friendship and love are super powerful, so take the time to take a step back and not react immediately. Figure out what and what you deserve, more importantly. Do not give your energy away!


Hi Capricorn, what’s been going on with you lately? Feeling a little bit of disconnection with your body? Know you’re a spiritual being inside of a body that you can’t control? Do more to get in tune with your body and mind. Exercise, feed it well and make sure that you are giving it all it needs. Take some time to meditate too!


Are your emotions taking a toll on you, Aquarius? This was always going to be a difficult year for anyone, mentally and physically. It’s different. There are no distractions and you’re really feeling everything you truly are. Take the time to sit with it, no matter how uncomfortable it is.


Pisces, your emotional nature can make you feel off-balance so if one thing hurts, everything will. Try to take the time to get the scales even again before you dive into something that can trigger you.

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