These Two Types of Yoga Are Great for Gaining Lean Muscle

We love vinyasa and power.

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Which style of yoga burns fat and makes you gain all that lean muscle? Many people think that yoga is all about stretching and chanting. Vinyasa and Power Yoga are awesome styles of exercise that tone the body, burn calories, and get you all the lean muscle you want. Some talk about a banging body and the typical improvements and benefits you will see physically, but the mental and spiritual benefits are also there as well. From being an easy way to meditate and get a clear mind to connecting with your body, we love this type of workout for everything. We’re going to run through all of the amazing benefits that yoga offers for all aspects of life. Keep reading for more!

Image: Conscious Design via Unsplash

These Two Types of Yoga Are Great for Gaining Lean Muscle

1) Vinyasa

Why is Vinyasa good for burning fat and gaining muscle? According to Jal, this type of practice resembles almost like a dance and is linked through to your body with breathing as well. Each transition is moved through pretty quickly as well. All of this movement and breathwork increases your heart rate, which in turn, helps you burn calories. This type of exercise is also really great for your heart health. Vinyasa tones and strengthens your muscles while maintaining overall wellness. Don’t forget that it is a meditation, so you’ll also work towards a calm and peaceful mind.

2) Power

Power yoga is an exercise in the mind-body connection. There are many different varieties of this type of yoga. According to Healthline, each has its own discipline, focus, and goals. With power yoga, you can improve muscle strength and increase your cardiovascular endurance. These poses are challenging but fun. You can expand your practice and start to experiment with many different types of this practice. Have fun!


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