mind-body connection
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Why Wellness Is As Much in the Mind As It Is in the Body

Everything you need to know about the mind-body connection!

Global wellness day is right around the corner and if the past year has taught us anything, it is that wellness is about so much more than slogging it out in the gym and eating kale. Mindset is just as important, if not more important. The idea of the gut to brain connection has been around for some time, with emerging studies suggesting that variations in the microbiome can have an effect on various CNS disorders, including, but not limited to anxiety, depressive disorders, schizophrenia, and autism. We have a very strong mind/body connection and this originated back in the day to ensure our survival!. We spoke to psychologist Tara Hurster, founder of The TARA Clinic, and Luke McLeod, the founder of the virtual meditation platform Soul Alive, to find out more about this mind-body connection. Keep reading for more!

mind-body connection
Image: Simona Sergi via Unsplash

The Best Tips on How to Establish a Better Mind-Body Connection

1) Give yourself permission to be still and quiet

It is when we are quiet that we can tune into our mind and body to truly listen to what it needs through mindfulness and grounding techniques. A great way to ground yourself is by counting all the colors you can see around you, or try closing your eyes and listening for 5 sounds you can hear outside the room, then 5 sounds you can hear inside the room, and finally 3 sounds you can hear inside yourself! When we get into the present moment, we will intuitively know what our body truly needs. Your job is to simply listen and then act on it!

2) Be mindful of how much alcohol and other drugs you may be using each day or week

When we are craving our logical brain turns off which results in us making unhelpful decisions. Simple tips like being realistic and declaring clearly to yourself what your intentions are for the night (such as “I will have 2 glasses of wine at dinner tonight”) and then communicating this to your team of people that are closest to you, will help you to get the outcome you truly want.

3) Take some time out for yourself to calm and clear your mind

There is a reason why the worlds top performers such as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Hugh Jackman, and the late Steve Jobs swear by meditation, and that is because it reduces stress, clears the mind, may help you get a better nights sleep, and therefore be more productive. Watch what you eat. High sugar and saturated fatty foods can make your gut feel terrible and therefore affect your mood.

4) Stretch or move your body every day

We can get very stuck sitting at a desk all day so I highly advise getting up every hour or so and having a good stretch or a walk

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