vitamin d
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Studies Indicate There’s a Link Between Vitamin D Levels and Weight

There's the thing you want to watch out for.

Being vitamin D deficient is a real hinder to our immune system and the way it can protect us. Sometimes, taking a supplement is necessary to get those levels up. This helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is needed for healthy, strong bones that keep us walking and moving throughout our lives. But how do you watch out for lower levels of vitamin D? Who are the people that might be most affected by vitamin D deficiency? Recently, scientific studies have indicated that those who are obese might suffer from the absence of this nutrient that is needed for our best immune health. We did some research to find out more about the link between this deficiency and weight gain. Keep reading for more!

vitamin d
Image: Leohoho via Unsplash

The Link Between Vitamin D and Weight Gain

According to Live Science, being obese can cause a deficiency in vitamin D, which helps our body with its calcium absorption. But boosting the latter does not help with weight loss. There are as many as 75% of Americans that are deficient in this nutrient. They’ve discovered that weight loss can spark some more of this ingredient to flood your body. For these levels to get much higher and boost your immune system.

How Do We Get More of It?

Because being in the sun can cause skin cancer, it’s important to wear sunblock and sun-blocking clothing. Although this is our main source of sun exposure, many fear getting sick from this. Also, have you ever felt sad in the winter? The angle of the sun during these months limits us from even getting that sweet, sweet vitamin D, those rays don’t hit us. The best recommendation to get enough of this nutrient is to eat enough fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Another way is to make sure that you get a good supplemental boost.


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