Amodrn Launches Athleisure Line That’ll Elevate Your Everyday Style

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Image: Amodrn

A natural progression for the luxury wellness site, Amodrn is excited to announce the launch of their first apparel range designed to take you from gym to street and everywhere in between in true Amodrn style.
Crafted using luxe fabric and featuring flattering designs, the 8-piece collection consists of everything you’ll need to build your active wardrobe from the base up:

When asked about the inspiration behind the collection, Amodrn founder, Bianca Cheah says: “I wanted to create a line that was stylish, yet classic—the classic essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe that she could piece with anything!”
“Think of it like the Bassike of activewear. For many girls, activewear is not just about working out in it, it’s so much more—it’s a lifestyle.”

“Loungewear, activewear, weekend wear, anytime wear.” — Bianca Cheah, Founder of Amodrn.

“For me personally, when I’m buying into activewear, I look for comfort, fit, price, pieces that move with my body and something that I can wear from yoga to work to lunch. An all-rounder really. I’m not big on trendy prints and colours. I prefer pieces that are classic and piece well with everything else in my wardrobe.”
“If I had to choose one favourite from the collection as a whole it’ll have to be the black leggings. I have SO many black tights and I know it’s crazy to think that I would need another pair, but the Amodrn ones are a perfect combination of everything that I want in a legging that couldn’t find elsewhere: length, thickness of fabric, high-waisted with a rolled top and above all, super flattering and comfortable.”

Keep scrolling for a sneak-peek into the Amodrn athleisure collection!

sporteluxe activewear white sweater
White on White Crop Sweater. Image: Amodrn.

Shop our White on White Crop Sweater

Amodrn Activewear Empower Sports Bra
EmPower Sports Bra & Legging. Image: Amodrn

Shop our EmPower Sports Bra

Amodrn activewear EmPower Legging
Amodrn activewear EmPower Legging

Shop our EmPower Legging

Amodrn activewear Launch Black Legging
Studio Tank in White & Launch Legging in Black. Image: Amodrn

Shop our Studio Tank

Amodrn activewear black leggings
Launch Legging in Black with Studio Tank in White. Image: Amodrn

Shop our Launch Black Legging

sporteluxe activewear olive green sweater
Oh-So Olive Sweater & Launch Legging in Black. Image: Amodrn.

Shop our Oh-So Olive Crop Sweater

sporteluxe activewear navy blue base cap
Off-Duty Cap, White on White Sweater & Launch Black Leggings. Image: Amodrn

Shop our Off-Duty Cap

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