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Here Are the Telltale Signs Someone Was in Your Past Life

It may be a person you know in this one!

Life is a grand mystery. It’s full of love, heartbreak, laughter, and beautiful moments. It’s also a super rare phenomenon. If you look at the entirety of our universe, our little blue rock, and the trillions of sperm that are fighting the chance at an egg, it’s wild that we’re even alive! But what if … we’ve been alive before? This belief has been around for millennia. From the Eastern religions to some early polytheist ones, the theory of reincarnation is one that has survived the ages. In this tradition, some of the people we encounter and love are people that we’ve known in a past life. We’ve decided to do some research to find out if there are any signs we can catch that those people are in this one. Keep reading for more!

Here Are the Telltale Signs Someone Was in Your Past Life

1) The person seems super familiar

It may be on a night out or a mutual friend, but something about the person you meet seems super familiar. You can share direct eye contact easily, the conversation flows, and it feels like you’ve always known them. This may be a sign that someone was in your past life.

past life
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2) You’ve seen them in a dream

You know they say that you can only imagine people that you’ve met in real life? Whether or not you just passed them on the street, this is true. But if you recognize someone (their face or their eyes) instantly, does this mean that you’ve met this person before in a past life? We’d like to think so!

past life
Image: Kyle Smith via Unsplash

3) They understand you, fully

If there’s someone who just gets you, always, they might’ve been in your past life! They know you inside and out, they get your emotions, they’re just on your mind and you don’t need language to communicate. You just get each other.

past life
Image: Renate Vanaga via Unsplash

4) Your birth charts are compatible

If your birth chart is compatible with someone else’s, this might be a sign that someone was in your past life. We recommend going to see an astrologer that can help you understand each and every part of your natal chart but you can find a website online too! We love this one from Cafe Astrology!

past life
Image: Siim Lukka via Unsplash

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