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Image: Courtesy of Valentina Ferrer

How Pregnancy is Changing This Girl Boss For The Better

We interview Valentina Ferrer of KAPOWDER Superfood.

The former Miss Argentina turned model Valentina Ferrer is a woman that we both admire and envy. The co-founder of KAPOWDER Superfood has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of wellness. Joining the wellness brand in 2019, there was no doubt about her foray into the world of health. The benefits of each formula include boosting energy levels, staying healthy, enhancing skin collagen, and improving skin and gut health. Not only is Valentina taking wellness by storm, but she is also now expecting a beautiful baby with her boyfriend and Columbian pop star J. Balvin.

“Having a child will be my greatest achievement. It switched my focus from the outside to the inside. I’m a working mother and don’t get a lot of time for myself in between tasks, so I created products that work with me and my lifestyle, which make me feel my best always.” Valentina loves being a strong woman and now a strong mother.  She shares that “The female energy is strong, creative, and nurturing, and my work allows me to tap into that every day.” We interviewed Valentina Ferrer about KAPOWDER, her advice for those who want to start their own business, and how wellness will play a role in her motherhood journey. Keep reading for more!

Tell us about why you joined KAPOWER Superfood.

KAPOWDER was created by my great friend Sara Davey in Australia. I joined the company in 2019 as I’m a huge believer in health and wellness so it was the perfect fit!

Why is wellness important to you?

There are so many dimensions to wellness, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and environmental, and intellectual. All of these spaces of wellness are so important to work on daily through little actions and if one isn’t fulfilled it can be felt through the other. So finding the balance to create a lifestyle that fulfills these components will bring happiness and peace within your body.

What advice do you have for those who want to start their own business?

Go for it, take the risk and enjoy the process. You’ll make mistakes and grow from them but don’t let that discourage you. Mistakes are natural along the way but it is important to follow your dreams!

kapowder superfood
Image: Courtesy of KAPOWDER Superfood

Tell us about your favorite KAPOWDER products.

My everyday morning routine when I wake up starts with VITALITY AND REVITALISER. It is the best detox and adds the right nutrients to kick start the day. After work out, I will take ENLIGHTEN for hydration and STRENGTH to help with muscle recovery and building.

What part of motherhood are you most excited about?

I’m dreaming of the day running around playing sports altogether. The thoughts make my heart warm.

What’s next for KAPOWDER?

So much happening right now, we are extending distribution to Colombia, Mexico, and Canada very soon. Currently working on new products for our wellness line and we are about to drop our 2nd Category for KAPOWDER. With new launches on the horizon, we want to make sure KAPOWDER shoppers can use the brand in their daily lives!

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