long-term relationships
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Here’s How Long-Term Relationships Keep the Spark Alive

Hint: there's a lot of communication involved.

When it comes to finding and keeping love, there’s rarely ever any second-guessing about the later part. Many are trying to find the perfect mate, settle down, and begin a life with an amazing partner. There is, however, less of a question when it comes to how to keep long-term relationships from getting too boring. The honeymoon phase is a real thing, people! When it comes to successful relationships that last for a long time, there are a few things that keep the romance levels up and the fighting down. We did some research to find out more about what makes these partnerships last through the ups and downs. Keep reading for more!

long-term relationships
Image: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

What Makes Successful Long-Term Relationships Last

1) Communication is key

In successful long-term relationships, communication is key. The psychologists from the Gottman Institute and MBG actually say that this speaks volumes to how long a partnership can last. In their research, couples that lose their spark speak to each other for less than 35 minutes per week. Their advice to keep things from getting stale? You’ll want to spice things up. Laugh with each other, have fun together, and talk about the deep stuff too. It doesn’t matter if you talk too much, to be quite honest. This will keep the romance alive. The important thing is to ask them about themselves.

2) Find out their love language

The way you show up for your partner in a long-term relationship can say a lot about how present you are with them. We suggest that you find out what their love language is and make sure that you are doing something in that category to make them feel loved. If it’s words of affirmation, make sure you take the time to tell them you love them. If it’s a touch, give them a hug or a cuddle every once in a while. This is the way that you can give them reassurance!

3) Take up new activities together

In any relationship, you’ll have activities that you do separately. Having social lives outside of your partnership is important, the world does have seven billion (and counting) people in it. However, finding something you can do together that sparks creativity and fun can be a rewarding experience. Maybe even studying something together. How about the art of the kama sutra to increase that burning desire with your person?


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