7 Supermarket Gluten Free Breads That Are Actually Tasty

Even to the die-hard dough fans.

If you’re a wheat-eater, chances are you’d never choose gluten free bread. Notorious for resembling cake (and not in a good way), it stands no chance against a pillowy, fresh-baked sourdough. But as more and more people seem to be shying away from gluten, they’ve certainly improved. And as a loaf-lover turned intolerant, I’ve been dedicated to finding a good one.
You can source delicious gluten free loaves from organic markets or bakers, but your chance of picking up a gem at the supermarket is not so high. So to help you out, I’ve selflessly eaten my weight in carbohydrates to find a bread brand worthy of your breakfast. Here are seven gluten free breads that might even convert the die-hard dough fans.

7 Tasty GF Breads You Can Buy From The Supermarket


vitality bakehouse roasted seed, vitality bakehouse gluten free bread,
Vitality Bakehouse Roasted Seed is my go-to loaf for every occasion. But this would appear to be the case for every Coeliac that shops at Thomas Dux, and for good reason. It’s dense but soft, and full of scrumptious seeds. It also contains psyllium husk for added fibre. It may take longer to toast than other wheat-filled loaves but it’s well worth the wait.
Best for: Poached eggs on toast

Morpeth Sourdough

harris farm gluten free bread, tasty gluten free bread, morpeth sourdough, morpeth gluten free buckwheat
Morpeth Sourdough’s Buckwheat bread tastes like homemade heaven. It’s crispy on the crusts and soft in the centre, and comes unsliced with that true bakery feeling. Unlike other store-bought loaves it has undergone the long fermentation process, making it a traditional sourdough. It gets better as it’s toasted and pairs perfectly with just about every topping. Try it with peanut butter and jam, salmon and crème fraiche, or my personal favourite: smashed avo, lemon and chilli flakes.
Best for: Smashed avocado on toast.


naturis rice loaf, naturis buckwheat loaf, naturis gluten free bread, tasty gluten free bread
Of all the choices, Naturis is certainly one of the healthiest. With no preservatives or artificial flavours, and only organic ingredients, it delivers on nutritional value. That being said, so too does it deliver on taste. Very different to the other alternatives, Naturis offers a buckwheat loaf and a rice flour loaf that are both delicious in their own right. Find it on the shelves at IGA and in other selected supermarkets.
Best for: Toast with toppings

Spring Wellness

spring wholefoods sprouted seed bread, spring whole foods turmeric pumpkin bread, bondi markets, gluten free bread
If you thought healthy foods couldn’t be tasty, you haven’t tried Spring Wellness’ sprouted seed breads. Available at Harris Farm Markets it’s wheat-free perfection. I particularly love the pumpkin and turmeric loaf, which contains activated, sprouted and fermented seeds (quinoa, buckwheat, millet, sesame seeds, flaxseeds) and legumes (chickpea, mung bean and lentil) along with fresh pumpkin, fresh turmeric and coconut oil – and that’s it. If the turmeric taste is too much for your toast, their original loaf is equally delicious, and it’d be a sin not to mention their banana bread. Hint: you won’t find it nestled in with the other breads, this special brick is hiding in the cold section…that’s how fresh it is.
Best for: toast with toppings


helga's gluten free bread, hell's sunflower and red quinoa,
A household name, Helga’s manages to deliver on sandwich-quality bread once again. They have four gluten free varieties to choose from: wholemeal, 5 seeds, soy and linseed, and sunflower and red quinoa. All seeded options are delicious but I particularly like the red quinoa and sunflower.
Best for: Fresh sandwiches and french toast.


I have to admit, Burgen is similar to Helga’s in terms of taste and texture, which is no surprise as they have very similar ingredients. But that being said, they’re range is also delicious and por qué no los dos, right? Burgen produces three loaves and once again the seeded varieties (soy and linseed, sunflower and chia seed) are better and more nutritious than the white. They also have almost double the amount of protein than other gluten free breads, with 8 grams and 6.5 grams of protein per serve, for the soy and linseed and sunflower and chia seed respectively.
Best for: Fresh sandwiches and peanut butter on toast.


gf breads, sol breads, sol gluten free rice and pumpkin loaf
Sol’s range of gluten free breads are all so moreish, I can’t decide which I like best. Each loaf begins with Organic rice flour as the base and diverges from there. Choose between quinoa, rice and pumpkin, brown rice and chia, and mega-grain. Plus, they also make a mean fruit loaf I can’t help but mention. All breads contain minimal ingredients, and are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Available at selected Woolworths, Thomas Dux and Supa IGA stores.
Best for: toast, toast and more toast.

Try baking one yourself with this nutritious GF bread recipe, or if you’re more of a morning muesli person, try these 7 healthy granolas that aren’t full of crap. 

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